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Xiaodan Pan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Business Technology Management

Xiaodan  Pan, Ph.D.
Office: S-MB 12.105  
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5569

Dr. Xiaodan Pan, an academic scholar and industry veteran, joined John Molson School of Business at Concordia University in 2018. She holds a Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from the University of Maryland (UMD). Her diverse educational portfolio also includes an M.Eng. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), an M.Sc. in Management Science from Queen’s University, and an M.Eng. in Transportation Planning and Management from Dalian Maritime University.

Before her academic career, Dr. Pan gained valuable experience over a decade in the petroleum industry. Her extensive professional background encompasses areas such as logistics operations, global sourcing, supplier management, project management, and corporate strategy. She played a crucial role in establishing and developing numerous corporate regulations, transportation contracts, evaluation criteria, and strategic alliances in the realm of logistics and supply chain management

Dr. Pan's research leverages business analytics to enhance societal well-being, especially the operations of businesses in the retail and service domains. Her primary research areas include: 1) consumer behavior, 2) retail strategies, 3) technological innovations, and 4) last-mile delivery. She investigate these domains given societal challenges, including:1) economic fluctuations, 2) natural disasters, 3) public health emergencies, and 4) societal inequalities.

Her work has been published in leading logistics and supply chain management journals, including Production and Operations ManagementJournal of Business Logistics, and International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. Her research has been funded by respected institutions such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) and the Fonds de recherche du Québec– Société et culture.


Ph.D. (University of Maryland, 2018)

M.Eng. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014)

M.Sc. (Queen’s University, 2013)

M.Eng. (Dalian Maritime University, 2002) 

Area of Expertise

Consumer Behavior

Retail Strategies

Technology Innovations

Last-Mile Delivery

Teaching Activities

SCOM 492   Supply Chain Simulation

COMM 225   Production and Operations Management

MSCM 684   Demand Management

Refereed Articles

Paraskevas, J.P., Pan, X., Elking, I., Park, H. 2024. Bridging the Digital Divide in Online Retailing: The Effect of a Strategic Focus on Ecommerce Fulfillment Offerings. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.

Pan, X., Li, G., Dresner, M., Mantin, B. 2024. Exploring the Impacts of Ecommerce Activities on the Spatial Resilience of Warehouse Clubs: The Role of Retail Agglomeration. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. Forthcoming.

Pan, X., Shen, Z., Elking, I., Paraskevas, J.P. 2024. Retailing in College Towns: Spatial Location and Multimodal Commuting. Supply Chain Forum: An International Journal. Forthcoming.

Pan, X., Dresner, M., Li, G., Mantin, B. 2024. Stocking Up on Hand Sanitizer: Pandemic Lessons for Retailers and Consumers. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. Forthcoming.

Wang, R., Dresner, M., Pan, X. 2022. Strategic Responses to the Pandemic: An Investigation into Department Store Industry. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management. 53(2):273294. Link

Pan, X., Mantin, B., Dresner, M. 2022. When the Going Gets Tough, Do the Tough Go Shopping? Journal of Business Logistics. 44(1):61–79Link

Pan, X., Dresner, M., Mantin, B., Zhang, J. 2020. Pre-Hurricane Consumer Stockpiling and Post-Hurricane Product Availability: Empirical Evidence from A Natural Experiment. Production and Operations Management. 29(10): 23502380. Link

Shevchenko, A., Pan, X., Calic, G. 2020. Exploring the Effect of Environmental Orientation on Financial Decisions at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Evidence from the Microlending Context. Business Strategy and the Environment. 29(5): 18761886. Link

Pan, X., Dresner, M., Xie, Y. 2019. Logistics Information System, Organizational Factors, and Operational Performance: An Investigation into Domestic Logistics Firms in China. The International Journal of Logistics Management. 30(2): 569594. Link

Media & Press Releases

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When the Coronavirus Gets Tough, the Tough get Stockpiling. The Conversation. 2020. Link

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COVID-19 Crisis May Usher in New Financial Era If the World Begins to Shun Risk: Don Pittis. CBC News. 2020. Link

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