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New student ID cards

Concordia's new student ID cards rolled out during this fall 2023 term. Current and returning students can continue to use their existing ID cards since they remain valid and functional.

Four valid designs of student ID cards

There will be a gradual transition to the new designs as ID cards are issued, renewed or replaced. That means that Concordia students should have one of four valid identification card designs shown below.

New undergraduate ID card design

new burgundy undergrad student card

Existing undergraduate ID card design

Existing undergraduate student card is pale burgundy with a white logo

New graduate ID card design

New graduate Concordia student ID card is green

Existing graduate ID card design

Existing graduate card is pale grey with a two colours concordia logo

Did you know?

  • Your Concordia ID is valid for four years.
  • If your existing ID card is still valid, keep it. We will not reissue an ID card if it’s not needed. 
  • If you want to get a new ID to update to the new card design, the $25 replacement fee applies.
  • The bar code location on the ID card has changed. The bar code is on the front for the existing ID cards and on the back for the new cards. 
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