Saturday, February 18, 2023 – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex (EV)
1515 Ste-Catherine St. W.
John Molson Building (MB) – 1450 Guy St.

Information tables

Admissions – undergraduate (all Faculties)
SGW and
EV Building lobby, table 122
SP Building, table 321
Faculty of Fine Arts information SGW EV Building, table 139
Art Hives SGW EV Building, table 137
Art Volt SGW EV Building second floor, table 162
Art Education SGW EV Building second floor, table 161
Art History SGW EV Building second floor, table 169
Contemporary Dance SGW EV Building second floor, table 165
Core Technical Centre (CTC) SGW EV Building, table 140
Creative Arts Therapies SGW EV Building second floor, table 168
Design and Computation Arts SGW EV Building second floor, table 163
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema SGW EV Building second floor, table 160
Music SGW EV Building second floor, table 164
Student artwork sale SGW EV Building, table 138
Studio Arts SGW EV Building second floor, table 167
Theatre SGW EV Building second floor, table 166
Tours SGW EV Building, table 141

Interested in graduate studies in Fine Arts? See our grad studies page.

Presentations and more


Art Hives
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building, Table 137 
Kick back at the Concordia Art Hive, a space to relax and socialize while making art. Everyone is welcome, regardless of art experience.

Art Trading Cards 
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building 2nd floor, Room EV-2.645 
Take a break from the Open House hustle and let your creativity flow while making art cards with the InARTE Journal. Hosted by the Department of Art Education, join us to learn more about this student-led creation-research journal while designing your own cards.

Core Technical Centre (CTC)
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building 8th floor, EV-8.763 
Visit the newly-renovated Core Technical Centre (CTC) where students create using an array of tools and equipment. Learn about resources available to students at the CTC, including facilities and technical expertise for woodworking, metal work, digital fabrication and more.

Student Art Sale
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building, Table 138 
Support local artists with a shopping break in your Open House schedule, where you can browse through original pieces created by our students.

Fine Arts Meet and Greet
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building, Room EV-2.705

Browse through student art work and meet with staff to get all your questions answered as you discover the faculty's creative gems.

Art Volt: What to do after your Fine Arts degree
12:15 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 30 minutes
Wondering what your options are post-graduation? Learn about exciting opportunities and career paths after a Fine Arts degree at Concordia. 

Fine Arts Student Panel
1:45 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 30 minutes
Hear it straight from the source! Chat with current Fine Arts students to get an understanding of what it's like to study and create at Concordia.


Contemporary Dance Technique Workshop
11:30 a.m. — SGW Campus, MB-7.255 Length: 60 minutes
Move your body in new ways with a dance workshop presented by the Department of Contemporary Dance. People of all skill levels are invited to add a new step into their Open House groove! 

Dance Throughout the Years
12:45 p.m. — SGW Campus, MB-7.265 Length: 60 minutes
Sit back and enjoy a live showcase of dance performances from current and past Contemporary Dance students. 


Creative Arts Therapies: Art Therapy, Drama Therapy, Music Therapy and Play Therapy (Graduate students)
1 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.615 Length: 45 minutes
Hear about the profession of creative arts therapists, and how they support individuals and communities reach their full potential for living well. Includes information on admission requirements, course selection and career opportunities.


Design and Computation Arts Meet and Greet
All day — SGW Campus, EV-6.735 
Get the insider scoop on the Department of Design and Computation Arts by speaking with current students and faculty.

The World of Design and Computation Arts
11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-6.720 Length: 30 minutes 
Join professor pk langshaw for an exploration of the material and digital worlds that you can create within the Design and Computation Arts program.


Visual Collections Repository (VCR)
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building, Room EV-3.703
Along with an extensive collection of film, video and digital work, the VCR has viewing rooms for students to enjoy unlimited amounts of content. Visit the VCR to view student creations from our Film Production and Film Animations programs. 

All About Cinema
10:30 a.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 45 minutes
Join faculty and staff from the Film Production, Film Studies, and Film Animation programs for an overview of facilities, curriculum, and admission requirements.

Film Studies information session
11:30 a.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 30 minutes
Presented by professor Haidee Wasson, this session will explore course topics taught in the Film Studies program.

Film Production information session
2:45 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 30 minutes
Learn about the courses, facilities and opportunities offered.

Microprogram - Screenwriting and Film Producing; Fundamentals of Digital Filmmaking
3:15 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.605 Length: 30 minutes
Interested in taking courses in screenwriting and film production but are looking for a shorter commitment than a full degree? Come learn about the cinema microprograms being offered this winter.


Classical Music Meet and Greet
All day — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.265
Interested in studying beyond Bach? Chat with professors Georges Dimitrov and Christine Beckett to see if Classical Music, Music Performance or Music Composition is right for you.

Electroacoustic Meet and Greet
All day — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.242, 8.244, 8.250
Interested in exploring your creativity through electroacoustic composition? Meet with professor Kevin Austin to ask your questions about Electroacoustic Studies and get feedback on your portfolio.

Interactive Sonic Play Station
All day — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.255
Expand your imagination with a variety of sonic controllers. Try them yourself!

Meet with Jazz Professor Baron Tymas
All day — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.101
You'll be jazzed to meet with our professor from Jazz Studies, where you can ask all your questions and get the inside scoop on the program. 

Studying Jazz
1 p.m. — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.101 Length: 60 minutes
Get lost with Concordia's Jazz students as they show you how you can discover yourself through the practice of studying jazz. 

Collective Composition Workshop
1 to 4 p.m. — SGW Campus, MB Building 8th floor, Room MB-8.265 
Inspired by processes used by Brian Eno, Phillip Glass and David Bowie, you are invited to bring your own instrument or use the ones available (pianos, harpsichords, modular synths, drums, even chairs and desks!) to improvise, play and create a collective composition that will be published on Concordia's social media.


Information Session
10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.615 Length: 30 minutes
Can't choose a single form of artistic expression? Let us introduce you to Studio Arts, an interdisciplinary program with the flexibility to combine any of our seven disciplines: Ceramics, Fibres and Material Practices, Intermedia, Painting and Drawing, Photography, Print Media, Sculpture and Installation. 


Open studio visit - Scenography
All day — SGW Campus, GM Building 5th floor, Room GM-530
Step onto the scene with a visit of the studio used by Concordia's Theatre students for Scenography courses. 

Scenography Artwork Showcase
All day — SGW Campus, EV Building, Table 166
Have a look at the intricate stage designs of Concordia's Scenography students! 

Next-Generation Theatre
10 a.m. — SGW Campus, MB Building 7th floor, Room MB-7.425  Length: 60 minutes
Join a workshop with current and past Performance Creation students to go beyond the stage and find new dynamic ways to express yourself.

Performance Creation 101
11:30 a.m. — SGW Campus, EV-1.615 Length: 30 minutes
Dreaming of experimenting on stage with your own original performances? Join professor Mark Sussman to learn more about Concordia's Performance Creation program.

Open Rehearsal Showcase
1 to 4 p.m. — SGW Campus, Hall Building, D.B. Clarke Theatre
Experience a day in the life of a Theatre student, beginning with a rehearsal of Loam Production.

Acting for the Theatre Workshop
2 to 3:30 p.m. — SGW Campus, MB Building 7th floor, MB-7.425 
Experience Acting for the Theatre. Open to all skill levels.


Visual Arts (VA) Building
Times will be posted at the booth. 
SGW Campus, EV Building lobby, Fine Arts Tours table 141
Length: 45 minutes
Explore the Faculty of Fine Arts with a current student, where you'll tour our facilities for Painting, Drawing, Ceramics and Sculpture!

Engineering and Visual Arts (EV) Building 
Times will be posted at the booth.
SGW Campus, EV Building lobby, table 141
Length: 45 minutes
Explore the Faculty of Fine Arts with a current student, where you'll tour our facilities for Print Media, Intermedia, Photography, Fibres, Design & Computation Arts, and the Core Technical Centres!

Theatre Facilities
Upon request
SGW Campus, EV Building lobby, table 166
Explore Concordia's grand stage with a current Theatre student to view the facilities used for courses like Scenography, Acting for Theatre and Performance Creation! 

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