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BFA Major in Studio Art

Program Objective

The Major in Studio Art offers students the freedom for exploration while still developing proficiency within a disciplinary core. The program encourages the cross-referencing of different creative traditions within a solid, historical, theoretical and studio foundation. Its primary objective is to give students the choice to define their own needs in tailoring an individualized program of studies within open parameters. Students are encouraged to choose among a series of studio art electives and progressively establish their concentration or concentrations through required higher-level disciplinary courses. While promoting a respect for disciplines, the program stresses diversity and versatility across studio options.

Students may select their 48 studio art credits required in any media. There is also a similar range from which students can select 12 credits in Art History. Within these specifications, students may fulfill the requirements of the Major in Studio Art either by specializing in a medium or combining studios in a number of them. However, students must complete one studio course at the 300 level (intermediate) and meet the 400 level (advanced) in the same discipline to fufill their requirements.

Program Requirements

Major in Studio Art (60 credits)



DRAW 200 Drawing I (6.00)


elective credits chosen from:

Studio Arts Courses


credits chosen from two six-credit courses at the 300 and 400 level in a single medium from one of the following disciplines:

Art Studio Courses

Ceramics Courses

Drawing Courses

Fibres and Material Practices Courses

Intermedia (Video, Performance and Electronic Arts) Courses

Painting Courses

Print Media Courses

Sculpture Courses


elective credits chosen from:

Art History Courses


credits chosen from:

Art History Courses

Art Theory Courses

or other history-based courses chosen from:

Cinema Courses

Theatre Courses

or from the following course:

VDEO 350 Video History and Theory (6.00)


  • Students are responsible for fulfilling their particular degree requirements; hence, the sequences above must be read in conjunction with Section 81.20 Degree Requirements.

Admission to the Major in Studio Art

In addition to the normal admission procedure of Concordia University, there is a distinct admission procedure for applicants to the Major in Studio Art. All applicants must submit a portfolio of their own work, as well as a letter of intent, as part of the admission process.

For more information concerning these additional requirements and submission deadline dates, please visit the following website:

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