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BFA Major in Painting and Drawing

Program Objective

The Department of Studio Arts provides an indepth program in Painting and Drawing, combining theoretical, historical, and practical study at all undergraduate levels. The aim is to provide students with a broad foundation on which they can base their own creative contributions.

Studio courses, seminars, and independent projects on such varied topics as collage, pictorial installation, popular culture, and narration supplement the core courses on painting and drawing. Recognizing the importance of providing basic skills and knowledge, in an atmosphere of freedom, the program is supported by a large number of faculty and guest artists, exposing students to a full range of approaches to drawing and painting.

A graduate program in Painting and Drawing is available for further studies.

Program Requirements

Major in Painting and Drawing (60 credits)



DRAW 200 Drawing I (6.00)



PTNG 200 Painting I (6.00)

6credits chosen from a six-credit Drawing course at the 300 level
6credits chosen from a six-credit Painting course at the 300 level
6credits chosen from a six-credit Drawing or Painting course at the 400 level

elective credits chosen from:

Studio Arts Courses


elective credits chosen from:

Art History Courses


credits chosen from Art History, Art Theory (ARTT), other history-based courses chosen from Cinema and Theatre, or from the following course:

VDEO 350 Video History and Theory (6.00)


  • Students are responsible for fulfilling their particular degree requirements; hence, the sequences above must be read in conjunction with Section 81.20 Degree Requirements.

Admission to the Major in Painting and Drawing

In addition to the normal admission procedure of Concordia University, there is a distinct admission procedure for applicants to the Major in Painting and Drawing. All applicants must submit a portfolio of their own work, as well as a letter of intent, as part of the admission process.

For more information concerning these additional requirements and submission deadline dates, please visit the following website:

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