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BFA Major in Fibres and Material Practices

Program Objective

Fibres and Material Practices is a crossmedia program of study that explores the relationship of materials to culture. Informed by discourses of postmodernism, feminism, and traditional aesthetics, the Fibres and Material Practices program offers an opportunity for intensive study, both practical and theoretical, of the art, technology, and history of textiles. Such creative and critical investigation, allied with technical proficiency, provides the base students need to develop as emerging artists.

Courses are available at all levels, ranging from introductory classes to independent study for advanced students wishing to focus on a single project. Students concentrating in other areas of Studio Arts are welcome to take most courses offered in the Fibres and Material Practices area.

Program Requirements

Major in Fibres and Material Practices (60 credits)



FBRS 240 Fibre Structures I (6.00)
FBRS 260 Textile Printing and Dyeing I (6.00)


credits chosen from:

Fibres and Material Practices courses at the 300 level



FBRS 480 Advanced Fibres (6.00)



ARTH 266 Aspects of the History of Fibre Art (3.00)
ARTH 352 Studies in the History of Fibre Art (3.00)


credits chosen from Art History, Art Theory (ARTT), other history-based courses chosen from Cinema and Theatre, or from the following course:

VDEO 350 Video History and Theory (6.00)


credits of Studio Art electives

Note: These courses may include Fibres and Material Practices electives.


  • Students are responsible for fulfilling their particular degree requirements; hence, the sequences above must be read in conjunction with Section 81.20 Degree Requirements.

Admission to the Major in Fibres and Material Practices

Applicants to Fibres and Material Practices may apply to enter directly into the Major in Fibres and Material Practices, or enter the Major in Studio Art with the intention of transferring upon completion of the first year.

In addition to the normal admission procedure of Concordia University, there is a distinct admission procedure for applicants to the Major in Fibres and Material Practices. All applicants must submit a portfolio of their own work, as well as a letter of intent, as part of the admission process.

For more information concerning these additional requirements and submission deadline dates, please visit the following website:

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