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Section 61.130 Additional Program Options for Business Students

Program Requirements

Minor in Real Estate (12 credits)



FINA 210 Introduction to Real Estate (3.00)


additional credits chosen from:

FINA 310 Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship (3.00)
FINA 320 Real Estate Investment (3.00)
FINA 355 Topics in Real Estate (3.00)
FINA 420 Real Estate Finance (3.00)
MANA 477 Real Estate Law (3.00)


additional credits chosen from:

URBS 230 Urbanization: Global and Historical Perspectives (3.00)
URBS 240 Planning (3.00)
URBS 250 Representation Methods in Urban Studies (3.00)
URBS 393 Law and Regulation in Urban Planning (3.00)


  • This multidisciplinary program is offered to students who are interested in real estate.
  • It is open to students registered in a program leading to an undergraduate degree in the John Molson School of Business.

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