Dr. Troy Michael Bordun

Lecturer, Cinema
Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology

Dr.  Troy Michael Bordun
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext.
Email: troy.bordun@concordia.ca
Website(s): Academia

Troy Michael Bordun is a contract instructor in CinemaStudies and Sociology at Concordia University,English at the University of Northern British Columbia, and Sociology at Trent University. Bordun’s work on contemporarycinema includes Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema: Film Theory at the Fringesof Contemporary Art Cinema (Palgrave MacMillan, 2017), and recent articlesand chapters in Cinephile, Mise-en-scène, Screening ScarlettJohansson: Gender, Genre, Stardom (Palgrave MacMillan, 2020), and ReFocus:The Films of Carlos Reygadas (EdinburghUniversity Press, forthcoming). He is presently working on a book aboutphilosophy and superhero comics. Bordun published some of this research in the CanadianReview of Comparative Literature.

Teaching activities

Courses taught at Concordia

Winter 2022
SOCI 250 Sociology of Culture
FMST 398 Noir without Borders

Fall 2019
ARTH 384 Theories of Representation

Summer 2019
ARTH 398 Art and Society

Fall 2018
COMS 425 Advanced Seminar in Cultural Studies
SOCI 475 Men and Masculinities

Winter 2018
COMS 415 Advanced Topics in the Photographic Image



In preparation

2022    “Unpredictable Blockbusters” [invited bookreview, Science Fiction Film: Predicting the Impossible in the Age ofNeoliberalism, by Eli Park Sorensen], Science Fiction Studies[forthcoming in July]

2021    “The Woman’s Horror Film: Swallow andPromising Young Woman,” Cinephile 16.1 [accepted]

2021    Blood on the Battlefield: ContemporarySuperhero Comics and Continental Ethics [book proposal under review]

20XX  Transnational Cinemas and theTransformation of Genre [ongoing book project]

2018    “Touching Films: Carlos Reygadas, Melodrama, and HapticVisuality,” ReFocus: The Films of Carlos Reygadas, eds. SilviaÁlvarez-Olarra and Amanda McMenamin, Edinburgh University Press [forthcoming inAugust 2022]



2017    Genre Trouble and Extreme Cinema: Film Theory at the Fringesof Contemporary Art Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan


Book Chapters

2020    “On the off-screen voice: falling in love with Her,” ScreeningScarlett Johansson: Gender, Genre and Celebrity, eds. Janice Loreck,Whitney Monaghan, and Kirsten Stevens, Palgrave Macmillan, 99-120



2021    “Domino’s Philosophy of Luck,” CanadianReview of Comparative Literature 47.3: 337-355

2020    “Art, Porn, and Schlock: Fifty Shades of Grey and thePerplexed Film Critic,” Cinephile 14.1: 14-19

2019    “In Defence of Love: Tsai Ming-liang’s The Hole and TheWayward Cloud,” Mise-en-scène 4.2: 24-35

2019    “‘We live in the past with Kari:’ Memory, Fandom, and OnlinePorn,” Celebrity Studies 12.1: 132-47

2018    “‘ONE DOLLAR GETS YOU IN!’: historical resonance and online sologirls circa 2005,” Porn Studies 5.3: 286-304

2016    “Death by Hanging Contra The Battle of Algiers byway of Rancière,” The Scattered Pelican 1.2: 5-20

2016    “Sex is Metaphysical: Catherine Breillat’s Pornographic Films,” Cine-Excess2 [online]

2016    “On the Off-screen Voice: Sound and Vision in Spike Jonze’s Her,”CineAction 98: 57-64

2015    “Seeing Horror, Imagining the Horrible,” Off-screen 19.9[online]

2015    “Onscreen and Off-screen Flesh and Blood: Performance, Affect,and Ethics in Catherine Breillat’s Films,” Studies in European Cinema12.2: 132-43


Other publications

2018    “Bill and Betty and Olive: A 21st Century Melodrama” [ProfessorMarston and the Wonder Women, critical film review], Mise-en-scène 3.2:46-52

2018    “An End of an Era? Michael Haneke’s Happy End” [criticalfilm review], Off-screen 22.3 [online]

2016    “Porn in the Art Gallery: Collecting aGenre” [forum], Porn Studies 3.3: 317-319

2016    “What becomes of Endings on Film? Elysium, Mad Max:Fury Road, Snowpiercer” [symposium], Science Fiction Film andTelevision 9.1: 76-79

2015    “Where Have the Good Old Naughty Days Gone? Curating anExhibition of Moving-Image Pornography” [exhibition report], Synoptique4.1: 138-150

2015    “Abuse of Weakness” [critical film review], CineAction 96:36-38

2013    “GeorgesBataille, Philosopher of Laughter” [conference proceedings], Good Laugh, BadLaugh, Ugly Laugh, My Laugh, 15th Annual Graduate StudentConference, Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies, Western University,March 1-3, http://ir.lib.uwo.ca/mllgradconference/2013Conference/


Book Reviews

2021    “Out of the Zone” [invited book review, Stalker,by Jon Hoel], Science Fiction Studies 48.3: 587-590

2021    “Reality Check” [invited book review, Utopiaand Reality: Documentary, Activism and Imagined Worlds, eds. Simon Spiegel,Andrea Reiter, and Marcy Goldberg], Science Fiction Studies 48.1:173-177

2019    “Hegemonic Masculinity is Back” [invitedbook review, Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema: Cyborgs,Troopers and Other Men of the Future, by Marianne Kac-Vergne], ScienceFiction Studies 46.3: 636-639

2019    “No Human Error” [invited book review, UnderstandingKubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, ed. James Fenwick], Science FictionStudies 46.2: 409-412

2018    “RevisitingPaul Schrader’s Transcendental Style in Film,” Off-screen, Oct. 9[online]

2018    “An Alternative to Haptic Cinema: PhilippeGrandrieux: Sonic Cinema, by Greg Hainge,” Senses of Cinema 87[online]

2017     “‘Whose place is this?’: The Architecture of David Lynch, byRichard Martin,” Senses of Cinema 84 [online]

2017    “The End of Extreme Cinema Studies” [invited review essay onMattias Frey’s Extreme Cinema: The Transgressive Rhetoric of Today’s ArtFilm Culture (2016) and Aaron Kerner and Jonathan Knapp’s ExtremeCinema: Affective Strategies in Transnational Media (2016)], CanadianReview of Comparative Literature 44.1: 122-136

2016    “Lost Souls: The Soul of Film Theory by Sarah Cooper,” Sensesof Cinema 78 [online]

2016    “Film Programming: Curating for Theatres, Festivals, Archives[by Peter Bosma]” [web exclusive], Cineaste 41.2

2015    “Review: Douglas Keesey (2012) Contemporary Erotic Cinema,”Film-Philosophy 19: 105-07

2014    “Films for the Senses: Realism of the Senses in World Cinema:The Experience of Physical Reality, by Tiago de Luca,” Senses of Cinema73 [online]



2019    “Videophobia Confronts Consent in the Digital Age”[Daisuke Miyazaki], Slutever, October 24

2019    “A New Film’s Lynch-y Take on Youth, Sexuality, and Perversion”[Jennifer Reeder, Knives and Skin], Slutever, August 9

2018    “This Gay Erotic Thriller Takes Toxic Masculinity to Task” [DrewLint, M/M], Slutever, November 7

2018    “Isa Mazzei and Daniel Goldhaber discuss their debut Cam(2018),” Off-screen, November 11 [online]

2018    “Two new women-led films explore desire and gender” [YokoYamanaka, Amiko; Jenn Wexler, The Ranger], Slutever,August 24 [online]

2018      “Fantasia Film FestivalCoverage: Interview with cast and crew of The Ranger (2018),” Off-screen,July 25 [online]

2018    “This film about camming tears down the sex industry’s red tape”[Mazzei and Goldhaber, Cam], Slutever, July 22 [online]

2018    “5 Questions with Filmmaker and Pornographer Bruce LaBruce,” Slutever,June 26 [online]        

2015    “Dylan Cree: Taking the serious comically,” Arthur Newspaper,October 7 [online and print]

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