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MS Kanwal Syed, PhD

PhD Candidate , Art History

Part-Time Faculty
Availability: 5:30-6:30 Thursdays - EV-3-782

Kanwal Syed completed her under-graduation as a studio-artist, with major in sculpture from National College of Arts, Pakistan. In 2012, she completed her M.A in Art History from University Sains Malaysia, entitled Caught in The Middle: Socio-Political Imageries in Contemporary Art in Pakistan Post 9/11 (2001-2013). She is the author of two published texts in peer-reviewed international journals. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Art History at Concordia University and recipient of FRQSC research grant 2018.  Her research interests encompass Pakistani Art with an emphasis on shifting artistic representations of female subjectivities in Contemporary Pakistani art discourse post 9/11 and War on Terror.

Teaching activities

Part-time faculty at the Department of Art History, Concordia university 
Course ARTH389: Issues in Ethnocultural Art History

Guest Lectures

“Feminism in Contemporary Pakistani Art,” ARTH 381 - Feminism & Art History, May 2017 

“#NotaBugSplat: Media Art in Pakistan Post-9/11,” ARTH 358- Studies in the History of Media Art - Special Topic: Screen Culture. Concordia University.Oct.2017. 

“Alternative Medias: Use of Textile as Resistance in Risham Hossain  Syed’s Tent of Darius (2017).” Communication 355-Media and Governance.McGill University. Oct.2017.

Teaching Assistantship

TA-ARTH 200 - Perspectives of Art History, 2014-2015-2016

TA-ARTH 298 - Montreal: Evolution through Architecture and Urbanism, 2017

Research activities

Awards and Grants

Recipient of Fonds de Recherche du Québec-Spciété et Culture (FRQSC) (2018)

Concordia Full Tuition Recruitment Award (2014- 2017)

Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship Award (2014-2015)

Faculty of Fine Arts Fellowship Award (2014-2015)


Research Assistant to Professor Alice Ming Wai Jim(2017)

Exhibition Tour inUrdu, Sovereign Acts ii, Curated by Wanda Nanibush at  Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery. Montreal, 2017 
Part of EAHR curating team, DissonanceIntegrations exhibit at Z art-space, Montreal, April  2016

Participation in the 2nd School of the ArtsResearch Colloquium “Nurturing Research Culture: Contextualizing Practice andTheory” organized by School of Arts, University Sains Malaysia. 8-9 May 2014


Syed, Kanwal., and Sarena Abdulla. “Chronicling Pakistan’s Art Movements from Traditional to

Contemporary: (1960- 2011),” Wacana Seni Journal of Arts Discourse, Jil. /Vol.14 (2015): 31-56.

Syed, Kanwal. “The Usage of Morbid Themes and Imageries in Contemporary Art: A Case Study,

“12: A Group Exhibition in Anticipation of the 2012 Apocalypse,”’ Mediterranean Journal of

Social Sciences, Vol.4, No (2013):128-136.

Participation activities


Syed, Kanwal.“Redefining Female Subjectivities in Contemporary Pakistani Art”  in penal session Inquiry and Agency, presented at Thirteenth International Conference on The Art in Society, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, June 2018.

Syed, Kanwal. “How the West Sees Us.” in the panel Rethinking Contemporary AsianArt Exhibitions in the Global Arena, presented at UAAC-AAUC, Montreal, Oct.2016.

Syed, Kanwal. Panel Moderator,“BIPOC Imaginary Space: Memory and   Resistant,”in No Neutral Art, No Neutral Art History, AHGSA Annual Conference,Concordia University, Montreal, Oct.2016.

Syed, Kanwal. “The Usage of Morbid Themes and Imageries in Contemporary Art: A Case Stud of “12: A Group Exhibition in Anticipation of the 2012 Apocalypse,”’ presented at Conference ICHSS, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, 2013

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