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Sina Queyras

Professor, English

Sina Queyras
David Ward

I am interested in eco-poetics, avant-garde, queer and innovative women’s writing of all genres—poetry, prose, memoir, essay.


MA Concordia

BFA University of British Columbia

Research and teaching interests

Poetry writing
Fiction & narrative writing
Non-fiction and essay writing
Play writing
Canadian poetry
Contemporary American poetry
Women’s literature
Autobiography & memoir

Expressay by Sina Queyras (book cover)
Photo credit: Coach House Books, 2009

Selected publications

Rooms: Women, Writing, Woolf, Coach House Books, 2022
My Ariel, Coach House Books, 2017
MxT: Coach House Books, 2014.
Autobiography of Childhood, Toronto: Coach House Books, 2011.
Unleashed, Toronto: BookThug, 2009.
Expressway, Toronto: Coach House Books, 2009.
Lemon Hound, Toronto: Coach House Books, 2006.           
Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets, ed. New York: Persea Books, 2005.
Teeth Marks, Toronto: Nightwood Editions, 2004.
Slip, Toronto: ECW Press, 2001. 

Recent journal publications

Critical writing

Participation activities

Conference papers / readings / talks

Selected Recent Readings

Other activities

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