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Peter Farbridge, CAEA, UDA


Peter Farbridge, CAEA, UDA
A black and white photo of a white skinned man with short-cropped dark hair and a light beard wearing a dark long sleeved T-shirt.
Office: S-GM 500.55  
Guy-De Maisonneuve Building,
1550 De Maisonneuve W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 9999
Website(s): Postmarginal

Peter Farbridge - Actor/Writer/Producer/Teacher

Peter is a theatre actor and creator working in Montreal. As founding member and co-artistic director of the Modern Times Stage Company from 1989 to 2022, Peter appeared in many of the productions, including the title roles of Macbeth and Hamlet. He has earned several Toronto Dora awards for his work with the company. Among that work, Peter has co-translated and adapted the plays of several Iranian artists with Soheil Parsa, and served as co-writer or co-deviser on several new theatrical productions, including Hallaj (2009) and Forgiveness (2014). In 2017 Peter was nominated for a Meta Award for his performance in Progress! for Infinitheatre. He has recently completed an MA in Anthropology and Theatre and is joining the faculty of Concordia University as Artist-in-Residence this Fall. He also collaborates with Postmarginal: Inclusive Theatre Practice, a project that he initiated while at Modern Times, which seeks to encourage hybridity of theatre practice through exploring the perspectives of marginalized artists.

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Teaching activities

Ethical Relationality of Rehearsal Practice


This project-based course is a small studio production that explores the creative potential of an performer’s total cultural resources, which could be informed by their ethnocultural background, relationship to gender, physical disability or neurodiversity. Using Ōta Shōgo’s Mizu No Eki (The Water Station) as a backdrop for devised exploration and experimentation, we will investigate how our personal histories, and in particular our relationships with our identities, can contribute to and influence our creative instincts. Our theatrical approach will be psychophysical: we will explore aspects of Viewpoints, Pre-expressivity, and Biomechanics as practices to ground and strengthen our stage presence. We will also create individual monologue and scene work as preparatory material to inspire the characters in The Water Station. The course will culminate in a slow tempo and silent performance that includes solo, small-group, and ensemble moments. Overall, the project offers an opportunity to create an ethical approach to rehearsal practice specific to our experience as a group, and organized around a deep exploration of our creative resources, along with nuanced pathways of relation beyond traditional identity categories.


About the play

Mizu no eki (The Water Station) is a silent play devised by celebrated Japanese dramaturg/director, Ōta Shōgo. In his company, Tenkei Gekijō, (Theatre of Transformation, 1968-1988) Shōgo developed an artistic aesthetic he called the Theatre of Divestiture which explores emptiness of space, silence and slowness. His focus on “being” instead of “doing” highlights human fragility and an existentialist human perspective. In the play, eighteen travelers make separate stops at a water fountain and continue their way. The play speaks about displacement, loneliness, and the desire for connection. Premiering in 1981, “The Water Station” played more than 200 times in 24 cities around the world.

Artistic performances

PETER FARBRIDGE – Theatre - Acting

SELECTED THEATRE (40 total productions in English and French)

2021         Camille         dir. A. Bouchard         Ensemble         Au délà du visuel

2018         Contre la suite…         dir. J.F. Boisvenue         Ensemble         Le bruit, la nuit

2017         bloom dir.                         Soheil Parsa         Gerontion         Modern Times, Toronto

2016         Thirst dir.                 Soheil Parsa         Ensemble         Modern Times, Toronto

2015         Progress! dir.                 Guy Sprung         #1 Infinitheatre,         Montreal

2014         Forgiveness dir.         Soheil Parsa         As Cast         Modern Times, Denmark

2014         Forgiveness dir.         Soheil Parsa         As Cast          Times, Toronto

2011         Hallaj                         dir. Soheil Parsa         Hallaj         Modern Times, Toronto

2009         Hallaj dir.         Soheil Parsa         Hallaj         Modern Times, Toronto

2008         Waiting for Godot         dir. Soheil Parsa         Vladimir         Modern Times, Toronto

2006         bloom         dir. Soheil Parsa         As Cast         Modern Times, Toronto

2005         Macbeth         dir. Soheil Parsa         Macbeth         Modern Times, Toronto

2004         L’Alchemist         dir. G. de Andrea         Englishman         Rideau Vert, Montreal

2004         La nuit de temps         choreo. H. Rémy         Dancer         Lamadeo, Rouen, France

2002         The Chairs,         dir. Soheil Parsa         Old Man         Modern Times, Toronto

2000         Aurash         Soheil Parsa         King         Modern Times, Toronto/Iran

1999         Hamlet         dir. Soheil Parsa         Hamlet Modern Times, Toronto

1998         Anthony & Cleopatra         dir. Alex. Marin         Octavius         Centaur, Montreal

1995         Macbeth         dir. Soheil Parsa         Macbeth         Modern Times, Toronto

1994         La Bête         dir. John         Prince Centaur, Montreal

1990         Stratford Festival         As Cast         Various         Stratford Festival, Stratford

1989         The Conquest,         dir. Soheil Parsa         Sufi         Modern Times, Toronto

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