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Moussa Tembely

Assistant Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering

Moussa Tembely
Office: S-EV 4241  
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4525
Website(s): Multiphase Thermofluids Learning Lab
ORCID: 0000-0003-4655-4351

Research activities

Research interests

Multiphase Flows, CFD, Thermal Spray, Flow in Porous Media, Rheology, Machine and Deep Learning, 

Teaching activities



Selected Publications

Mahendru, P., Tembely, M., & Dolatabadi, A. (2023). ArtificialIntelligence Models for Analyzing Thermally Sprayed Functional Coatings. Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, 32(2), 388–400.

Tembely, M., Vadillo, D. C., Dolatabadi, A., & Soucemarianadin, A.(2022). A machine learning approach for predicting the maximum spreading factorof droplets upon impact on surfaces with various wettabilities. Processes,10(6), 1141.

 Tembely, M., AlSumaiti, A. M.,& Alameri, W. S. (2021). Machine and deep learning for estimating thepermeability of complex carbonate rock from X-ray micro-computed tomography. Energy Reports, 7, 1460–1472.

Gomaa, H., Tembely, M., Esmail, N., & Dolatabadi, A. (2020).Bouncing of cloud-sized microdroplets on superhydrophobic surfaces. Physics of  Fluids, 32(12), 122118.

Tembely, M., & Dolatabadi, A. (2019). A comprehensive model forpredicting droplet freezing features on a cold substrate. Journal of FluidMechanics, 859, 566–585.

Tembely, M., Attarzadeh, R., & Dolatabadi, A. (2018). On thenumerical modeling of supercooled micro-droplet impact and freezing onsuperhydrophobic surfaces. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer,127, 193–202.

Moghtadernejad, S., Tembely, M., Jadidi, M., Esmail, N., &Dolatabadi, A. (2015). Shear driven droplet shedding and coalescence on asuperhydrophobic surface. Physics of Fluids, 27(3), 32106.

Mohammadi, M., Tembely, M., & Dolatabadi, A. (2017). Predictivemodel of supercooled water droplet pinning/repulsion impacting asuperhydrophobic surface: the role of the gas–liquid interface temperature. Langmuir,33(8), 1816–1825.

Tembely, M., Vadillo, D., Mackley, M. R., & Soucemarianadin, A.(2012). The matching of a “one-dimensional” numerical simulation and experimentresults for low viscosity Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids during fastfilament stretching and subsequent break-up. Journal of Rheology, 56(1),159–183.

Tembely, M., Lecot, C., & Soucemarianadin, A. (2011). Prediction andevolution of drop-size distribution for a new ultrasonic atomizer. AppliedThermal Engineering, 31(5), 656–667.

Franco, A. A., & Tembely, M. (2007). Transient multiscale modelingof aging mechanisms in a PEFC cathode. Journal of the ElectrochemicalSociety, 154(7), B712.

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