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Dr. Melanie Hazlett, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Melanie Hazlett, PhD, PEng


2016: PhD Chemical Engineering, University of Houston, United States
2012: BASc Honours Chemical Engineering, Co-operative Program, Univerity of Waterloo, Canada

Past Experience

2019-2020: Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada
2017-2018: Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada

Teaching activities

Recent Teaching Experience

CHME 6021: Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
CHME 6911/CHEM 646: Industrial Catalysis
CHME 6981: Chemical Engineering Research Protocols and Safety
ENGR 213: Applied Ordinary Differential Equations

Past Teaching Experience

- Equilibrium Stage Operations
- Physical Chemistry
- Chemistry for Engineers
- Chemical Engineering Process Calculations
- Computers and Problem Solving
- Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


Journal Publications

  • Park, J., Kim, D., Byun, S. W., Shin, H., Ju, Y., Min, H., Kim, Y. J., Heo, I., Hazlett, M. J.*, Kim, M., Kang, S. B. “Impact of Pd:Pt ratio of Pd/Pt bimetallic catalyst on CH4 oxidation”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol 316 (2022) 121623.
  • Byun, S. W., Bae, W. B., Hazlett, M. J., Tesfaye, B., Park, P. W., Kang, S. B., “High N2 selectivity of co-impregnated Pt-V-W/TiO2 catalyst for simultaneous NH3 and CO oxidation”, Chemical Engineering Journal, vol 444, (2022) 136517.
  • Bae, W. B., Kim, D. Y., Byun, S. W., Hazlett, M. J., Yoon, D. Y., Jung, C., Kang, S.B. “Emission of NH3 and N2O during NO reduction over commercial aged three-way catalyst (TWC): role of individual reductants in simulated exhausts”, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, vol 9 (2022) 100222.
  • Hazlett, M. J., Epling, W. S. “Mechanistic Effects of Water on Carbon Monoxide and Propylene Oxidation on Platinum and Palladium Bimetallic Catalysts”, Catalysis Today, vol 360 (2021), 401-410.
  • Huang, Q., Schafranski, A.S., Hazlett, M. J., Xiao, Y., Hill, J. M. “Nitric Acid Functionalization of Petroleum Coke to Access Inherent Sulfur”, Catalysts, 10(2) (2020) 259.
  • Hazlett, M. J., Epling W. S. “Heterogeneous Catalyst Design: Zoned and Layered Catalysts in Diesel Vehicle After-treatment Monolith Reactors”, Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, vol 97 (2019) p 188-206.
  • Kang, S., Hazlett, M. J., Balakotaiah, V., Kalamaras, C., and Epling, W. S. “Effect of Pt:Pd Ratio on CO and Hydrocarbon Oxidation”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol 223 (2018) p 67-75.
  • Hazlett, M. J., Moses-Debusk, M., Parks II, J. E., Allard, L., and Epling, W. S. “Kinetic and Mechanistic Study of Bimetallic Pt-Pd/Al2O3 Catalysts for CO and C3H6 Oxidation”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, vol 202 (2017) p 404-417.
  • Hazlett, M. J., Epling, W. S. “Coupled Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Hydrocarbon Oxidation in Low Temperature Combustion Exhaust”, Emission Control Science and Technology, vol 3 (2017) p 5-17. 
  • Hazlett, M. J., Epling, W. S. “Spatially Resolving CO and C3H6 Oxidation Reactions in a Pt/Al2O3 Model Oxidation Catalyst”, Catalysis Today, vol 267 (2016) p 157-166.

Book Chapter

  • Hazlett, M. J., Arnold, R. A., Montes, V., Xiao, Y., Hill, J. M. “Carbonaceous Catalysts from Biomass”, Production of Materials from Sustainable Biomass Resources, Springer Book Series - Biofuels and Biorefineries edited by Fang, Z., Smith, R. L., and Tian, X. (2019), p 185-231.

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