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Dr. Madeleine Mcbrearty

Part-time Faculty, Applied Human Sciences


Dr. Madeleine Mcbrearty
Office: L-VE 230.1  
Vanier Extension,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext.


Madeleine has been a part-time faculty member in the department of Applied Human Sciences since 2003. She has taught in the MA in Human Systems Intervention and in the Human Relations stream of the undergraduate AHSC program. In addition, Madeleine is co-founder and faculty member of the Professional and Personal Coach Certificate program offered at Concordia Univesity since 2006.

In keeping with the educational philosophy of the department of Applied Human Sciences which centers upon experiential learning, Madeleine believes that the learning process is optimal when it involves the formulation and implementation of concepts derived from reflections upon lived experiences. Rather than the sheer accumulation of facts, she construes learning as transformative and a challenge to our usual ways of seeing things.

Madeleine understands her role in the classroom as that of a facilitator and a coach who fosters a quest for self-awareness, self-agency, growth, and lifelong learning. She is confident that learning is best achieved in relationship! To this end, she consistently encourages and supports students’ efforts to contribute to the learning community and, in turn, to tap into the collective knowledge present in the classroom to enhance their own learning. While Madeleine seeks to communicate concepts and tools to be used by those who will pursue careers in human relations, she thrives on the idea that students who are conscientious in critical self-reflection might contribute positively to their immediate environment and to society at large. She appreciates the uniqueness of each student and has a deep respect for diversity. Madeleine constantly endeavors to share this respect with all those with whom she walks on the learning journey. She is motivated by values of fairness, congruence, and honesty. She trusts that her enthusiasm is contagious and that the students in her class are inspired by her passion for learning.


Madeleine obtained a Special Individualized Program (SIP) doctoral candidate  from Concordia University in 2010. Her dissertation focused on individual change processes - research that she applies as a Coach trainer. Madeleine also received a Master degree in Human Systems Intervention (2003). She has previously achieved doctoral candidacy in Judaic Study. The focus of her academic research is on personal change. 

In addition to her academic education, Madeleine has achieved the status of Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation). In addition to her Coach training (The Professional School of Psychology, 2004; CoachU, 2007) Madeleine is a certified Social Emotional Intelligence Coach (Social Emotional Institute, 2013) and a Certified Mentor Coach (InviteChange, 2014). 

Research interests

Madeleine is currently involved in research aimed to understanding the fundational worldviews and theoretical framework that guide the work of practicing professional coaches. 

As an organizational change agent and executive coach, Madeleine prefers to work with people in community and not-for-profit organizations. She conducts workshops to promote wellness in the workplace and she is presently involved in a number of projects concerned with the promotion of psychological wellbeing in the workplace. As a personal coach, her passion is to walk alongside those who want to achieve their personal life vision.

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