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Dr. Jing Iris Hu, Department of Philosophy

David Ward
Office: S-M 309 
M Annex,
2135 Mackay
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2524
Website(s): Academia Profile
Availability: By appointment.


Ph.D.: Duke University, North Carolina (2017)
M.Phil.: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2008)
B.A.: Wuhan University (2006)

Jing Hu is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University. Her research facilitates a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between Confucianism and Western ethics through a close study of moral emotions and virtues such as sympathy/empathy, honesty, and shame. She also studies the cultivation and education of these emotions in public lives.  

Teaching activities

Fall 2019-20

PHIL 285 - Non-Western Philosophy
PHIL 430 - Advanced Studies in Ethics

Research activities


       Hu, J. and S. Robertson, “Constructing Morality with Mengzi: Three Lessons on Moral Discovery and Meta-ethics,” chapter forthcoming in Lost Voice at the Foundation of Ethics, Routledge. ed. Colin Marshal, 2019).  

       “Moral Motivation in Mencius Part 1—When achild falls into a well,” forthcoming in PhilosophyCompass (2019).

            “MoralMotivation in Mencius Part 2—When oneburst of anger brings peace to the world,” forthcoming in Philosophy Compass (2019).

      Hu, J. (2018). Empathy fornon-kin, the faraway, the unfamiliar, and the abstract—an interdisciplinarystudy on moral cultivation and a response to Prinz. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy. 17.3: 349-362.

      Danvers A. F., Hu, J., and M. J. O’Neil (2018), “EmotionalCongruence and Judgments of Honesty and Bias,” Collabra: Psychology, 4(1), 40.

      Flanagan, O. & Hu, J. (2011). Han Fei Zi’s philosophical psychology: Human nature, scarcity, and theneo-Darwinian consensus. Journal of Chinesephilosophy, 38(2), 293-316.

  ·     Reprinted in J. D.Carlson & A. F. Russell, State of Nature in Comparative PoliticalThought: Western and Non-Western Perspectives (Chapter 2). LexingtonBooks.

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