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Fereshteh Mafakheri, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor (Aff.) , Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering
Lecturer (ETA), Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering

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Fereshteh Mafakheri, PhD, PEng
Office: S-EV 007648 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5763
Website(s): Research Lab
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PhD, Decision Sciences (HEC - Universite de Montreal), 2011

MSc, Industrial Systems Engineering (University of Regina), 2006

BSc, Industrial Engineering (Alzahra University), 2000

Dr.Fereshteh Mafakheri is a faculty member at Concordia Institute for Information Systems (CIISE). Dr. Mafakheri’s research interests revolve around applications of data analytics and information systems in operations & supply chain management. Fereshteh’s research has been funded by NSERC and FRQNT. Dr.Mafakheri is directing the Decision Modeling & Analytics Laboratory(DeciMAL) and is supervising a number of PhD and MSc students. She has a mixed background in engineering and management disciplines, helping her to target multidisciplinary research activities, and in particular, bridging the socioeconomic and technological aspects in supply chain/logistics design and management.


INSE 6400 - Principles of Systems Engineering

INSE 6320 - Risk Analysis

INSE 6300 - Supply Chain Management

INSE 6230 - Total Quality Project Management


Research Interests

  • Decision Analytics
  • Risk Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology Management & Innovation
  • Project Management

Funding and Grants

- NSERC Discovery Grant, Natural Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada ($110,000), 2019-2024, Role: PI

- Faculty Research Support (FRS), Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS), Concordia University ($20,000/year), 2018-2019, Role: PI

− Capital Research Innovation Grant, "Digital Supply Chains", Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (GCS), Concordia University ($100,000), 2018, Role: Co-PI 

− RAE Competitive Investment Round Grant, University of Greenwich, 2012-2013, Project title: “A Framework for Modeling and Optimization of Biomass-for-Heat Supply Chains” (£7,000), Role: PI

− RAE Competitive Investment Round Grant, University of Greenwich, 2011-2012, Project title: “A Systems Approach to Modeling, Analysis, and Complexity Management of Revenue Sharing and Incentive Mechanisms in Reverse Logistics” (£9,000), Role: PI

Scholarships, Fellowship and Awards

− Runner-up, University Early Career Research Award, University of Greenwich, 2013.

− NSERC Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010 ($43,000)

− NSERC Industrial R&D Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2010 ($40,000)

− FQRNT PhD Scholarship, Le Fonds Québécois de la Recherche sur la Nature et les

Technologies, 2009-2011 ($20,000/year)

− PhD Completion Award, HEC Montreal, University of Montreal, 2010 ($12,500)

− PhD Candidacy Award, HEC Montreal, University of Montreal, 2008 ($5,000)

− PhD Scholarship, HEC Montreal, University of Montreal, 2008–2010 ($10,000/year)

− Research Assistantship, HEC Montreal, University of Montreal, 2008–2009


− Research Assistantship, Project Management Specialization, University of Calgary,

2006-2007 ($15,000)

− Graduate Scholarship, School of Graduate Studies, University of Regina, 2005 ($9000)

− Research Assistantship, Faculty of Engineering, University of Regina, 2005 ($5,000)


  • Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS)
  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)
  • Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Association of Professional Engineers & Geo-scientists (APEGS)


Journal Papers

[J13] Mafakheri, F., Adebanjo, D., Genus,A. (2020). Coordinating Biomass Supply Chains for Remote Communities: A Comparative Analysis of Non-cooperative and Cooperative Scenarios. International Journal Production Research, accepted-in-press (Impact Factor: 4.577).

[J12] Seyedan, M., Mafakheri, F (2020) Predictive Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Demand Forecasting: Methods, Applications, and Research Opportunities, Journal of Big Data, 7:53, 1-22 (Impact Factor: 2.501).

[J11] Nasiri,F., Mafakheri, F., Adebanjo, D., Haghighat, F. (2017).“Modeling and Analysis of Renewable Heat Integration into Non-Domestic Buildings - The Case of Biomass Boilers: A Whole Life Asset-Supply Chain Optimization Approach Using System Dynamics”, Biomass and Bioenergy, 95, 244–256 (Impact Factor: 3.537).

[J10] D.Adebanjo, P Samaranayake, F. Mafakheri, and T. Laosirihongthong (2016). "Prioritization of Six Sigma Project Selection:A Resource-Based View and Institutional Norms Perspective", Benchmarking, 23 (7), 1983-2003 (Impact Factor: 1.560).

[J9] F.Nasiri and F. Mafakheri (2015).“Postgraduate research supervision at a distance: a reviewof challenges and strategies”, Studies in Higher Education, 40 (10), 1962-1969 (Impact Factor: 2.854).

[J8] F.Nasiri and F. Mafakheri (2015). "Higher Education Lecturing and Humor: From Perspectives to Strategies", Higher Education Studies, 5 (5), 25-31.

[J7] A.Genus, F. Mafakheri. (2014). “A Neo-institutional Perspective of Supply Chains and EnergySecurity: Bioenergy in the UK”, Applied Energy,123, 307-315 (Impact Factor: 8.426).

[J6] F.Mafakheri, F.Nasiri. (2014). “Modeling of Biomass-to-Energy Supply Chain Operations: Applications, Challenges and Research Directions”, Energy Policy, 67, 116-126 (Impact Factor: 4.880).

[J5] F.Mafakheri and F. Nasiri. (2013). “Revenue Sharing Coordination in Reverse Logistics”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 59, 185-196 (Impact Factor: 6.395).

[J4] F.Mafakheri, M. Breton, and S.S. Chauhan (2012).“Project-to-Organization Matching: An Integrated Risk Assessment Approach”, International Journal of IT Project Management, 3(3), 45-59.

[J3] F.Mafakheri, M. Breton, and A. Ghoniem (2011). Supplier Selection-Order Allocation: A Two-Stage Multiple Criteria Dynamic Programming Approach, International Journal of Production Economics, 132 (1), 52-57 (Impact Factor: 4.998).

[J2] F.Mafakheri, F. Nasiri, and M. Moussavi (2008), Project Agility Assessment: An Integrated Decision Analysis Approach, Journal of Production Planning and Control, 19 (6), 567-576 (Impact Factor: 3.340).

[J1] F.Mafakheri, L. Dai, D. Slezak and F. Nasiri (2007). Project Delivery Systems Selection under Uncertainty: A Multi-Criteria Multi-Level Decision Aid Model, Journal of Management in Engineering, 23 (4), 200-206 (Impact Factor: 2.282).


[C14] Seyedan, M., Mafakheri,F. “Developing a framework for price optimizationusing demand forecasting feedback approach”, INFORMSConference on Service Science, (ICSS 2020),December 19-21, 2020.

[C13] Mafakheri, F.  “Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Supply Chain Management: A Post Pandemic Perspective”, Designing A Trans-disciplinary Research on Ecology of Health Supply-Chain Networks Workshop, The 25th Society of Design and Process Science (SDPS) Conference (Virtual), Nov. 18-20, 2020.

[C12] Mafakheri, F. “A Comparative Analysis of Cooperative and Non-cooperative Bioenergy Supply Chain Coordination for Northern Canada”, INFORMS International Conference, Cancun, Mexico, June 9-12, 2019.  

[C11] Esmaeilzadeh, S., Nasiri, F., and Mafakheri, F.,“Principal role of agent-based approach in further advancements of bioenergy supply chain management”, Optimization Days, Montreal, QC, Canada, May7-9, 2018.

[C10] F. Mafakheri, “Hospital's Food Supply Chain Management: A Multi-Objective Dynamic Programming Approach”, Optimization Days 2017 and 1st Canadian Healthcare Optimization Workshop (CHOW), Montreal, QC, May 8-11, 2017

[C9] F. Nasiri, and F.Mafakheri “Integrating Biomass Boilers into Non-domestic Buildings: A System Dynamics Analysis, CORS/INFORMS International Conference,Montreal, QC, June 14-17, 2015.

[C8] A. Genus, F.Mafakheri, Understanding biofuels transitions: the contribution of Scott’swork on neo-institutional theory, International workshop on‘Tracing biofueltransitions: policies, practices and phase-outs’, Eindhoven, TheNetherlands, January 24-25, 2013.

[C7] F. Mafakheri, F. Nasiri, An Analysis of Equilibrium Coordination Incentives inReverse Supply Chains, The 9th International Conference on ComputationalManagement Science (CMS 2012), Imperial College London, UK, April 18-20, 2012.

[C6] F. Mafakheri, F. Nasiri, Coordination in Reverse Supply Chains, The 53rdAnnual Conference of the Operational Research Society - OR53, Nottingham,UK, September 6-8, 2011.

[C5] F. Mafakheri, and M. Breton, A Risk Based Project-to-Organization MatchingSystem Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process, Decision Sciences Institute - The40th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA, November 14-17, 2009.

[C4] F. Mafakheri, and M. Breton, A Two Stage Multiple Criteria-dynamic ProgrammingApproach for Supplier Selection-order Allocation, INFORMS Annual Meeting,SanDiego, USA, October 11-14, 2009.

[C3] F. Mafakheri, F. Nasiri, and L. Dai, A Multiple Criteria Decision Aid ModelforAgility Assessment: Application in Software Development Projects, TheIETInternational Conference on Agile Manufacturing (ICAM 2007), CollingwoodCollege, Durham University, UK, 9-11 July 2007.

[C2] F. Mafakheri, Development of a Decision Support System for project deliverysystem selection under uncertainty, The1stGraduate Students' Research Conference, University of Regina,Regina, Canada, April 2006.

[C1] F. Mafakheri, L. Dai, D. Slezak, and F. Nasiri, Selecting the Optimal ProjectDelivery System: A Rough-AHP Decision Aid, In Proceedings of the Joint IEEE / WIC / ACM InternationalConference on Rough Sets and Soft Computing inIntelligent Agent and WebTechnologies, Compiegne, France, 2005.


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