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Angela Kross, PhD.

Assistant Professor, GIS Summer Certificate Director, Geography, Planning and Environment

Angela Kross, PhD.
Photo by David Ward


Angela Kross is a fulltime-faculty in Geospatial Technologies, she has obtained an M.Sc in Geographic Information Science / Remote Sensing from Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands and a Ph.D in Physical Geography / Remote Sensing from McGill University. Prior to joining Concordia in August 2015, she was a post doctoral researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. In her research she uses GIS and Remote Sensing technologies in combination with ground measurements and models to answer questions related to ecosystem processes, vegetation development and land use change in response to anthropogenic and natural events, such as agriculture practices, mining activities and climate change.

Teaching activities

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOG363)
Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GEOG463)
Remote Sensing (GEOG465)
Summer GIS Certificate


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Angela Kross, Richard Fernandes,Jonathan Seaquist, Elisabeth Beaubien(2011). The effect of the temporal resolution of NDVI data on season onsetdates and trends across Canadian broadleaf forests. Remote Sensing ofEnvironment (

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