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Earth Observation Lab

From a Pretty picture, to land cover information, to structural and biophysical information From a pretty picture, to land cover information, to structural and biophysical information

Research in the Earth Observation Lab focuses on the use of remote sensing for environmental monitoring and is led by Dr. Angela Kross. We use GIS and Remote Sensing technologies in combination with ground measurements and models to answer questions related to ecosystem processes, vegetation development and land use change in response to anthropogenic and natural events, such as agriculture practices, mining activities and climate change. Some of the questions we try to answer include: how does vegetation radiation absorption relate to the vegetation canopy structure, sensor viewing geometry and sensor resolutions, water availability and other plant and environmental variables? Which vegetation indices are most suitable for monitoring plant flowering stages and how can flowering maps support public health programs (e.g. allergy programs). How can we use remote sensing to characterize the response of crops to extreme weather events?

Our group collaborates closely with researchers at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) and Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association (OSCIA).

With funding from the FRQNT (2018), we are currently in the process of acquiring a set of cameras, including: networked time-lapse camera packages, a multispectral radiometer CropScan MSRSYS16R with 16 customized bands, and a hyperspectral imaging system (Resonon Pika L Outdoor System). Data from these cameras in combination with satellite images, ground measurements and models will be at the core of our research in the Earth Observation Lab.

zachary patterson

Angela Kross (Ph.D. McGill, 2012)

I joined Concordia University in 2015, as a fulltime-faculty in Geospatial Technologies at the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment. Prior to joining Concordia, I was a post doctoral researcher at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, from 2012 to 2015. I hold a PhD in Physical Geography / Remote Sensing from McGill University (2012), and a MSc. Degree in Geo-Information Science / Remote Sensing from the Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. I pursued my Undergraduate studies in Brazil, where I earned my BSc degree in Agronomic Engineering from the Federal University of Pernambucol. After I finished my undergraduate studies, I worked for a few years within the domain of Organic Agriculture in Brazil. Before starting my undergraduate education in Brazil, I worked a few year as a land survey technician in Suriname. My journey through different research areas and through different continents has allowed me to establish a rich interdisciplinary network with researchers in Suriname (my native country), Brazil, the Netherlands and Canada. While my current research is centered on the Northern hemisphere, I intend to expand my research in the future to include study areas in Suriname and Brazil. 

Current Research Projects

1. FRQNT New Researcher grant (2018-2020): Caractérisation et évaluation des changements de la phénologie végétale en réponse aux changements environnementaux à l'aide de la télédétection, Principal Investigator.

2. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AgriRisk Initiative under Growing Forward 2 and Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, research contract (2017-2018): Controlled Tile Drainage - Calculate your benefits, Principal Investigator.

Current students
Name Degree Research Area Co-supervisor Unit
Chenwei Xiao BSc, Mitacs GRI* Remote Sensing Applied To Plant Phenology Monitoring   GPE, Concordia
Evelyn Znoj MEnv Artificial Neural Network Applied To Environmental Impact Assessment Phases (Part Of The Controlled Tile Drainage - Calculate Your Benefits Project)   GPE, Concordia
Gurpreet Bharaj Kaur MEnv Geospatial Technologies Applied To The Environmental Impact Assessment Of Agriculture (Part Of The Controlled Tile Drainage - Calculate Your Benefits Project)   GPE, Concordia
Daihany Callegari BSc, Mitacs GRI** Estimating Crop Yield Benefits Using Yield Monitor Data (Part Of The Controlled Tile Drainage - Calculate Your Benefits Project)   GPE, Concordia
Current Opportunities in the EOL lab
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