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Dr. Andre Furlani, PhD

Chair, English
Associate Professor, English

Dr. Andre Furlani, PhD
Office: S-LB 647-01 
J.W. McConnell Building,
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2354
Website(s): View My Bookshelf Page


PhD in English, University of Toronto 1993
MA in English, Queen’s University, 1988
BA Honours English, Queen’s University, 1984

Research and teaching interests

Anglo-American, Irish and European Modernism
American Postmodernism
Modern and Contemporary Comparative Literature
Contemporary Canadian literature
Philosophy and literature
Poetics, rhetoric, and critical theory


SSHRC 2003-06, individual research grant:
Beckett and Modern German Philosophy

Research groups

Mordecai Richler Library research group

Teaching activities


                        ENGL 349/3: Modern Poetry in English

                        ENGL 640/4: A Postmodern Apprenticeship:Nabokov and Pynchon



                        ENGL 340/3: Modernism

                        ENGL 360/2: The American Postmodern

                        ENGL 640/4: Ulysses and Its Wake



                        ENGL 340/3: Modernism

                        ENGL 260/2: Introduction to Literary Studies

                        ENGL 629/4: The Theatre of Samuel Beckett



                        ENGL 365/2: American Literature since WorldWar II

                        ENGL 260/2: Introduction to Literary Studies

                        ENGL 355/4: American Poetry

                        ENGL 629/4: Lines Made by Walking



            ENGL 629/1: Further Peregrinations

            ENGL 260/2: Introduction to Literary Studies

            ENGL 349/4: Modern Poetry

            ENGL 389/4: History of Literary Criticism



            ENGL 340/3: Modernism

            ENGL 629/2: Postmodern Peregrinations



            ENGL 363/2: American Literature to the End of the 19thCentury

            ENGL 632/4: American Modernist Poetry of the 1940s



            ENGL 261/2: British Literature to 1660

            ENGL 349/4: Modern Poetry

            ENGL 389/4: History of Literary Criticism

            ENGL 627/2: Postwar British Drama



            ENGL 345/4: Modern Drama

            ENGL 390/4: Rhetoric

            ENGL 449/2: The American Postmodern

            ENGL 632/2: The Modernist Long Poem



ENGL 349/3: Modernism

ENGL 446/2: Henry James: The Late Phase

ENGL 626/4: The Contemporary Long Poem in English



ENGL 261/4: Modern Poetry

ENGL 449/2: The American Postmodern

ENGL 640/4: Beckett and Philosophy

ENGL 261/4: British Literature to 1660



ENGL 264/2: Introduction to Literary Studies: Genre

ENGL 298Q: British Literature 1660-1900

ENGL 449/4: The American Postmodern

ENGL 625/2: Modernist Poetry and Poetics



ENGL 627/2: James Joyce

ENGL 645/4: British Poetry since World War II

ENGL 279/3: Modern British and American Literature



ENGL 633/4: The New American Poetry, Now and Then

ENGL 272/3: Introduction to English Literature II

ENGL 345/2: Modern Drama



ENGL 449/2: The American Postmodern

ENGL 272/3: Introduction to English Literature II



ENGL 631/1: The American Modernist Long Poem

ENGL 625/2: A Modernism of Their Own: The FemaleModernists

ENGL 627/4: Postmodernist Fiction

ENGL 306/3: Modern British and American Literature



ENGL 625/4: Beckett, Nabokov and the Emergence ofPostmodernism

ENGL 309/2: Contemporary American Literature

ENGL 306/3: Modern British and American Literature

Selected publications

Book (peer reviewed)

Beckett after Wittgenstein. Evanston, Ill: Northwestern University Press (November 2015)

Guy Davenport: Postmodern and After. Evanston, Ill: Northwestern University Press (2007)

Articles (peer-reviewed)

"The Contradictions of Samuel Beckett. Modernism/ modernity 22:3 (Sept 2015): 449-70

"Earlier Wittgenstein, Later Beckett. Philosophy and Literature 39:1 (April 2015): 64-86

”The Literature of Exhausted Justification,” PMLA 127.1 (January 2012): 38-57

“Robert Allen’s Cantons de l’est Encantadas.” Canadian Poetry 64 (Spring 2009): 48-66

“Guy Davenport and the Archival Imagination.” New England Quarterly 28:1 (Winter 2007): 59-72

“Jan Zwicky: Lyric Philosophy Lyric.” Canadian Literature 191 (Winter 2006): 48-69

“Davenport and Sebald’s Arts of Excursus.” The Literary Imagination 8:2 (Spring 2006): 72-93

“Paul Celan with Anne Carson: ‘What Kind of Withness Is That?’” Canadian Literature  172 (Spring 2003): 63-92

“Postmodern and After: Guy Davenport.” Contemporary Literature 43.4 (Winter 2002): 709- 35

The Sacred Fount in Plato’s Cave. University of Toronto Quarterly 71.3 (Summer 2002): 721-34

“Elizabeth Bishop’s Memoirs of Childhood: Writing the Disaster.” Critique 43.2 (Winter 2002): 148-60

“’When Novelists Become Cubists’: The Prose Ideograms of Guy Davenport.” Style 36.1 (Spring 2002): 111-30

“Canadian History on Stage: Three Rebellions.” Canadian Literature 168 (Spring 2001): 57-83

“Bartleby the Socratic.” Studies in Short Fiction 34 (1997): 335-56

“Samuel Beckett’s Molloy: ‘Spartan Maieutics.’” Samuel Beckett Today/ Aujourd'hui 5 (October 1996): 103-22

“’Elenctic Tones:’ Socratic Method in Vladimir Nabokov’s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.” English  Studies in Canada 22 (September 1996): 283-96

“’In Place:’ Kairos in Samson Agonistes.”The Seventeenth Century 10: 2 (March 1996): 19-35

“‘Brisk Socratic Dialogues’: Elenctic Rhetoric in Joseph Heller’s Something Happened.”  Narrative 3:3 (October 1995): 252-70

Book chapters (peer reviewed)

"Postwar American Classics and the Classics.” The Oxford History of the Classical Reception in English Literature, vol. 5, Kenneth Haynes, ed. Oxford: Oxford UP (forthcoming)

“Montreal’s Third Spaces on Foot.” Translation and Memory across the Urban Divide, Sherry Simon, ed. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s UP (forthcoming) 

“’That Mad (?) Mathematician’: Beckett Reckoning with Wittgenstein.” Literatures in English: New Ethical, Cultural, and Transnational Perspectives, Wolfgang Zach, ed. Tübingen: Stauffenburg Verlag, 2014: 107-22

“’Wince and Sing:’ Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘In the Village,’” Short Story Criticism 151, Jelena Krstovic, ed. New York: Gale Publishing, 2011: 27-34. Rpt.

“Wittgensteinian Elegies.” Lyric Ecology: An Appreciation of the Work of Jan Zwicky, Mark   Dickinson and Clare Goulet, eds. Toronto: Cormorant Books, 2010: 50-59. Rpt.

“’Yours Be the Speech’: Ronald Johnson’s Milton.” Ronald Johnson: Life and Works, Joel Bettridge and Eric Selinger, eds. Orono: National Poetry Foundation (2008): 73-98

“Guy Davenport’s Pastorals of Childhood Sexuality.” Curiouser: Essays in Pre-Adolescent Sexuality, Steven Bruhm and Natasha Hurley, eds. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2004: 325-44

“’Wince and Sing:’ Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘In the Village.’” Elizabeth Bishop’s Art of Place and Memory, Sandra Barry, Gwen Davies and Peter Sanger, eds. Halifax: Gaspereau Press, 2001: 175-86

“Obstetric Rhetoric and Tropes in Beckett.” The Beckett Papers, Anthony Jenkins and Juliana Saxton, eds. Victoria, B.C.: U of Victoria P, 1997: 76-85

“’My Real Smash’: Elenctic Negation in Henry James’ The Ambassadors,” in Negation, Critical Theory and Postmodern Textuality, Daniel Fischlin, ed. Amsterdam:Klewer, 1994: 137-59


"Guy Davenport." The Encyclopedia of 20th Century Fiction. Patrick O'Donnell, ed. New York: Gale (2011)

“Ezra Pound and Anglo-Saxon Literature.” The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia, Stephen J. Adams and Demetres Tryphonopoulos, eds. Westport, Conn: Greenwood P, 2006: 12-14

“Denise Levertov.” A Companion to Twentieth-Century American Poetry. Burt Kimmelman, ed.  New York:Facts on File, 2005: 326-9

“John Murrell,” “William Valgardson,” “Anne Chislett,”“Steven Scobie,” “John Reibetanz,” “Steven Heighton,”“Michael Hollingsworth,” and “Antonino Mazza.” The Reader's Encyclopedia of  Canadian Writing, W.H. New, ed. Toronto:University of Toronto Press, 2003


review essays

Samuel Beckett, The Collected Letters of Samuel Beckett, vol. III: 1957-1965. Modernism/ modernity 22:1 (March 2015): 183-91

“Echoes of Samuel Beckett”:Samuel Beckett, Echo’s Bones,Katherine Weiss, The Plays of Samuel Beckett, Peter Fifield and DavidAddynton, eds. Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies, and Peter Fifield, Late Modernist Style in Samuel Beckett and Emanuel Levinas, Irish Studies Review 22.4 (December 2014): 590-97


Charles Altieri, Reckoning with the Imagination. Modernism/modernity forthcoming)

Dirk Van Hulle, ed. The New Cambridge Companion to Samuel Beckett. Irish Studies Review 24:3 (forthcoming)

Oh les beaux jours à Montréal.” The Beckett Circle (forthcoming)

Matthew Feldman, ErikTonning and Henry Mead, eds. Broadcastingin the Modernist Era. Modernism/modernity 22:4 (November 2015)

Jan Wilm und Mark Nixon, Hgr. Beckett und die deutsche Literatur. Journal of Beckett Studies 24.1 (April 2015): 142-48

Gianni Vattimo, The Responsibility of the Philosopher. The European Legacy 20: 4 (April 2015): 217-21

Arkadii Dragomoshchenko, Endarkment: Selected Poems. Matrix (April 2015): 64-71

Sherry Simon, Cities in Translation. English Studies in Canada 40:2-3 (March2015): 216-20

Francesco Bono, a cura di. Mann/Visconti: Un Confronto. Modernism/modernity 21:4 (Nov. 2014): 936-41

Yves Lamonde, The Social History of Ideas in Québec 1760-1896. Canadian Literature 222 (Autumn 2014): 168-71

Jan Zwicky, Forge and Steven Price, Year of the Ox. Canadian Literature 222 (Autumn 2014): 184-86

Stephen John Dilks, Samuel Beckett in the Literary Marketplace and David Tucker, Samuel Beckett and Arnold Geulincx. Irish Studies Review 21.4 (Oct. 2014): 490-94

John Champagne, Aesthetic Modernism and Masculinity in Fascist Italy. Modernism/Modernity 21:3 (Sept. 2014): 860-62

Dirk van Hulle and Mark Nixon, Samuel Beckett’s Library. Irish Studies Review 22:1 (Feb. 2014): 256-69

Matthew Feldman and Karim Mamdani, eds. Beckett/Philosophy.Modernism/modernity 20:3 (Sept. 2013): 599-601

Mark Nixon, Beckett’s German Diaries. Irish Studies Review 21:1 (Feb.2013):134-36

Robyn Sarah, Pause for Breath and Rob Budde, Declining America. Canadian Literature (Summer 2011): 86-87           

Suzanne Buffam, The Irrationalist. Matrix 86 (Summer 2010): 57-58

“Here, There, and Nowhere”: Roy Miki, There, Michael Moore, Museum Absconditum, and Carl Leggo, Come-By-Chance. Canadian Literature 200 (Spring 2009): 175-77

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Howard Brick, Age of Contradiction: American Ideology and Culture in the 1960s. Canadian Review of  Comparative Literature 17 (Winter 2003): 102-6

Steven Heighton, The Admen Fall on Lhasa. Journal of Canadian Poetry 14 (1999): 162-65

Participation activities

Conference papers (peer reviewed)

Invited Lectures

“Mordecai Then and Now: Richler on Set.” Concordia U, 25 September 2015

“Beckett’s Joyce.” School of Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia U, 15 June 2015

“Wilde, Joyce, Stoppard.” Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, Montreal, 12 April 2015

“Beckett: Pilgrim’s Gress.” Dept. of English Faculty Colloquium, Concordia U, 30 January 2015

“Beckett’s Walking Cure.”Ireland and Psychoanalysis conference, St. Mary’s U, Halifax N.S., 23 August 2014

“Cognitive Ulysses.” McCord Museum, Montreal, 14 June 2014

“Postwar American Classicsand Classicism.” U of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom, 8 July 2012

“Breaking the ‘Law of Contradiction.’” U of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark, 25 April       2012

“Davenport and Pound: MorePisan Cantos.” 20th Century Lit. Conference, U of   Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, 28 February 2011

“Beckett’s Language Games.”Montreal inter-university colloquium, “(Un)doing National Literatures,” Concordia University, May 12 2007

“Guy Davenport’s Postmodern Pastorals.” Modern Language Ass. of America, Washington D.C., 28 December 2005

“How Is a Poem Like A Riddle?” Concordia U, Montréal, March 15, 2002

“Socrates in America,” Department of EnglishColloquium, Concordia U, Montréal, Québec, November 27, 1997

“Seamus Heaney’s Bog People,” Department of English Colloquium, Brock U, Saint           Catherine’s,Ontario, June 6, 1997

Conference Papers

“Beckett’s ‘Minor Key’Romanticism.” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English, Brock U, St. Catherine’s, May 25 2014

“Maritime Elizabeth Bishop.”Thomas Raddell Memorial Conference, Acadia U, Wolfville NS, 6 July 2013

“Beckett’s Footfalls.”Samuel Beckett: Forms and History conference, St. Mary’s U, Halifax, 28 June 2013

“Sebald and Heaney on Pilgrimage.” MLA convention, Boston,6 Jan. 2013

 “Let your digits do the walking: Pedestrian Art, Digital Technology.” International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities,” Montreal,14 June 2012

“Minoritarian Beckett.” Centre for the International Study of Lit. Conference, Concordia U, July 11 2011

“Beckett’s Change of Aspect.” Beckett: Out of the Archive, U of York, 25 June 2011

“Elizabeth Bishop’s Homesickness.” Bishop Centenary Conference, Dalhousie U, June 10 2011

“’To Put It Vaguely.”Ass. of Cdn.College and U Teachers of English, U of New Brunswick, May 30 2011

“Recent Canadian Streetwalking.” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English, U of New Brunswick, May 30 2011

 “’Open to View’: Beckett’s Dramaturgy and Wittgenstein.” Ass. of Cdn. College and    U Teachers of English, Concordia U, May 29 2010

“Commonplace Aesthetics: The Contemporary Commonplace Book.” Cdn. Aesthetics Ass. Concordia U, May 30 2010

“Wittgenstein and Recent Canadian Poetry.” Cdn. Philosophy Ass., Concordia U, May 31 2010

“Postmodern Biography.”Modern Language Ass., San Francisco, 28 December 2008

 “Wittgenstein and Language Poetry.” Cdn. Ass. of American Studies, Montreal, 11            November 2007

 “Making Time on Beckett’s Stage.” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English, York U, Toronto, ON, 31 May 2006

“Private Language Arguments and Beckett’s Late Fiction.”  Beckett at 100. State U of Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, 10 February 2006

 “Waiting for Ludwig.” Ass. of Cdn College and U Teachers of English. U of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, 31 May 2005

“Beckett and Wittgenstein: Two’s Company.” Twentieth Century Lit. Conference. U of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, 24 February 2005

Flaschenpost: Paul Celan’s Message in a Bottle Reaches Canada,” Refractions of  Germany in Canadian Lit. International Conference, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, September 29, 2002 

“Anne Carson and the Contemporary Long Poem,” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English Conference,U of Toronto, Toronto,  May 27, 2002

“The Postmodern Archaic,” 20th Century Lit. Conference, U of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February 27, 2002

“Some Postmodern Versions of Pastoral.” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of  English     Conference, U Laval,Québec, May 27, 2001

“Ishmael Reed and the Postmodern African-AmericanDiaspora,” Cdn. Ass. for American Studies Conference, Ottawa, Ont., November 3, 2000

“Postmodern Utopias,” The North American Society for Utopian Literature Conference,      Vancouver, B.C., October 20, 2000

“Ronald Johnson sous Rature,” The National Poetry Foundation Conference: North American Poetry in the 1960s, U of Maine, Orono, Maine, June 28, 2000 

“’Try Her!’ Henry James’s Interrogating Women,” 20thCentury Lit. Conference, U of           Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February 25, 2000

“Beyond Postmodernism: Guy Davenport,” Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English   Ass.Conference, U de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, QC, June 6, 1999

“Guy Davenport’s Eclogues,” 20th Century Lit. Conference, U of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, February 27, 1999

“ElizabethBishop’s Memory Primer.” Elizabeth Bishop’s Art of Place and Memory, Acadia U, Wolfville, N.S., Sept. 25, 1998

“Virginia Woolf and the Community of Age,” 8thAnnual Virginia Woolf Conference, Saint Louis U, Saint Louis, Missouri, June 7, 1998

“Language and Midwifery in Samuel Beckett’s Molloy,”Ass. of Cdn. College and  U Teachers of English Ass. Conference, U of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, May 27, 1998

 “The Socratic Elenchus in Modern Fiction,” International Society for the Study of Rhetoric,     U of Saskatoon, Saskatoon,Sask, July 21,1997

“Guy Davenport and the American Neomodernist Pastoral,” Dept. of English Colloquium,      University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. March 1, 1997

“’I Wanted Her Perplexity’: Aporia in James’s The Sacred Fount,” Narrative Conference, Ohio State U, Columbus, Ohio, April 25, 1996

“Heller’s Debt to Beckett,” International Beckett Festival, U of Victoria, Victoria, B.C. May 3, 1996

“Evasive Self-Interrogation in Melville and Heller,”Americanist Conference,  U of Toronto, Toronto, ON,  March 9, 1996

“Apophatic Rhetoric in The Cloud of Unknowing,”Ass. of Cdn. College and U Teachers of English Ass. Conference, U du Québec à Montréal, Montréal, QC, May 30, 1995

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