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Dr Jane Francis, PhD

Associate Professor , Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics


Dr Jane Francis, PhD
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2490
Availability: Monday, Wednesday, 9:00–10:00, or upon request.

My primary research focuses on the reconstruction of the landscape of Crete and its use by ancient people. I concentrate specifically on the analysis of Roman ceramics and macroscopic analysis to identify clay sources and define patterns of trade and exchange. I have studied ceramic assemblages from sites in west (Sphakia, Phalasarna, Aptera, Nopigheia) and central Crete (Skoteino Cave, Moni Odigitria, Lasaia), and am active in experimental reconstructions of ceramic production. My current field research is the study and publication of the Roman pottery from the Misis excavations in south-east Turkey and this site's connection with the workshops for Eastern Sigillata A. Another of my interests is ancient beekeeping, and I am preparing several publications on Greco-Roman beehives and their use from Crete.

Onassis Visiting Professor in Classical Greek Archaeology at McGill University, Fall 2011.

Research interests

Greek and Roman Sculpture (especially “Roman Copies”)

Landscape Archaeology and Ancient Agricultural Resources

Ancient Apiculture

Roman Crete (especially ceramics)

Greek and Roman Ceramics and Ceramic Fabric Analysis

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