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Policy on the Sale and Service of Alcohol on University Premises (VPS-3)


The University recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining a safe environment which is conducive to both academic success and quality extra-curricular activities. With a view to maintaining such an environment and preventing alcohol-related incidents, the University promotes safe and respectful use of alcohol on university premises as well as a responsible attitude, culture and environment concerning the use of alcohol by members of the University community.

Policy overview

In addition to promoting individual responsibility regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, the Policy addresses the responsible sale and service of alcohol at the University.

The Policy provides a framework to manage alcohol and states the conditions, requirements and practices concerning the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol on all University premises whether owned or leased.

The Policy applies widely, including but not limited to units and members of the community as well as external groups.

For more information

Additional information regarding the sale and service of alcohol on University premises is available on the Hospitality services webpage. For any inquiries regarding the Policy or your event, please contact a member of the Hospitality team.


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