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Michael Carney, PhD

Professor, Management
Senior Concordia University Research Chair, Management

Office: S-MB 13349 
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2937


Published papers


(Carney,M. & Nason, R.) “Family Business and the 1%” Business & Society, (2016)


(Carney, M., Dieleman, M., & Taussig, M.) “How are institutionalcapabilities transferred across borders?” Journalof World Business Published online 2015,


(Ghorbani, M. & Carney, M.) “TheChanging Face of China’s Billionaire-Entrepreneurs” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, (Published online June2016: DOI 10.1007/s10490-016-9472-1)


(Carney, M & Jaskiewicz, P.) “Six Books That Have Shaped theLandscape of Family Firm Scholarship” Academyof Management Learning and Education 14:3: 423-428 (2015)


(Van Essen, M. Strike, V. Carney, M. & Sapp, S.) “The Resilient Family Firm:Stakeholder Outcomes and Institutional Effects” Corporate Governance: An International Review 23(3): 167–183 (2015)


(Carney, M. VanEssen, M. Gedajlovic, E. & Huegens, P.) “What Do We Know About the PrivateFamily Firm? A Meta-Analytic Review EntrepreneurshipTheory & Practice, 39:3:513-544 (2015)


(Van Essen, M. Carney, M. Gedajlovic, E& Huegens, P.) “How Does Family Control InfluenceFirm Strategy and Performance? A Meta-Analysis of U.S. Publicly-Listed Firms”.Corporate Governance: An InternationalReview, 23(1): 3–24(2015)


(Carney, M. Gedajlovic, E, & Strike, V.)“Dead Money: Law and the Longevity of Family Firms” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Vol. 38(6) 1261-1283(2014)

(Van Essen, M. Engelen, PJ. & Carney, M.), “Does ‘Good’Corporate Governance Help in a  Crisis? TheImpact of Country- And Firm-Level Governance Mechanisms in the European FinancialCrisis” Corporate Governance: AnInternational Review,21(3): 201–224 (2013)

(Su, E. & Carney, M.)  “Can China's Family Firms Create IntellectualCapital?” Asia Pacific Journal ofManagement 30 (3) 657–675 (2013)


(Gedajlovic, E. Carney, M. Chrisman, J. &Kellermanns, FW.) The Adolescence of Family Firm Research: Taking Stock andPlanning for the Future. Journalof Management, 38(4): 1010-1037 (2012)


(Carney, M.Gedajlovic, E. Huegens, P. Van Essen, M. & Van Oosterhout, J.) “Business Group Affiliation, Performance, Context,and Strategy: A Meta-Analysis” Academyof Management Journal 54 (3) 437-460 (2011)

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