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Dr. Luis Amador Jimenez, PhD, P.Eng, MBA

Associate Professor, Building, Civil, and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Luis Amador Jimenez, PhD, P.Eng, MBA
Office: S-EV 6159 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5783

Dr. Luis Amador is an Associate Professor, he joined Concordia in 2010. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in 2010, a Masters in Business Administration in 2006 and two Bachelors; one in Civil Engineering (2002) and another one in Business Administration (1997) from Universidad Fidelitas in Costa Rica. Former Member of the Board of Directors of Costa Rica Roads Administration (CONAVI). Worked as Director of Engineering Services and Community Planning at the Urban Municipality of Kindersley in Saskatchewan, and as Director of Technical Studies for the Costa Rica Construction Association. He was a lecturer for about three years at Universidad Fidelitas (2002 to 2005). He also lectured at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) during fall 2008. His expertise is in the areas of Pavement Engineering and Transportation Asset Management. He also has professional experience in Structural Design, Policy Analysis and Municipal Engineering.Dr. Amador received the following awards:

  1. Nason Prize 2007-2008. University of New Brunswick. Best Paper in Transportation Policy Analysis. Sole Author.
  2. Best Young Professional Paper at the 2011 Conference of the Transportation and Development Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Sole Author.

Teaching activities


  • CIVI 471 - Highway and Pavement Design
  • CIVI 341 - Civil Engineering Systems
  • CIVI 6451 - Pavement Design
  • BCEE 371 – Surveying
  • CIVI 6401 – Transportation System Analysis
  • CIVI 695M - Pavement Management Systems

Supervised students

  • Christopher AQUILES, MASc.
  • Mahnush HEYDARI, MASc.
  • Mr. Amir KHATAMI. PhD Student
  • Ms. Nathalie OUM. PhD Candidate. (Cosupervised with Dr. Tarek Zayed)

Past students

  • Mr. Amir Pooyan AFGHARI, MASc
  • Mr. Mohammed Heydari, MASc
  • Mr. Ahmadreza FAGHIH-IMANI, MASc
  • Mr. Mohammed Al-Dabbagh, MASc
  • Ms. Nagham MATOUT, MASc
  • Ms. Mariam Meite, MASc.
  • Mr. Reza MAGHSOUDI, MASc.
  • Mr. Md Shohel AMIN, Ph.D..
  • Mr. Mustafa ALDULAIMI, Ph.D.

Supervised students awards

  • Shohel AMIN, Runnerup 49th Canadian Transportation Research Forum 2014
  • Shohel AMIN, Canada Steamship lines in Transportation Studies 2013
  • Shohel AMIN, Canada Steamship lines in Transportation Studies 2013
  • Shohel AMIN, Bourse Alain Lamoureux 2013
  • Nathalie OUM, Bourse Hervé Aubin 2012
  • Shohel AMIN, Runner-up Student Paper Award, TRANSLOG 2012
  • Ahmadreza FAGHIH IMANI, Runner Up NARSC 2012

Research activities


  • Pavement Engineering: Pervious Pavements, Chipsealed Roads, HMA, Airport Pavements, Low volume roads.
  • Pavement Performance Modeling
  • Road Safety and Highway Planning including Roadway Lighting
  • Land Use and Transport Modeling for Transportation Asset Management
  • Road Management Systems: Soft-computing techniques for clustering homogeneous groups and learning treatment effectiveness
  • Civil Infrastructure Management Systems: Spatial-Temporal Coordination of Activities and Re-optimization
  • Optimization Techniques for Multi-objective Across-Assets Management Systems
  • Bayesian Statistics and Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulation for Reliability-based performance modeling (safety, deterioration, mobility, accessibility)
  • Policy Analysis: Funding Civil Infrastructure, Infrastructure and Economic Development, etcetera
  • Incorporing Natural Hazard Vulnerability into Road Management Systems

Current grants and research contracts

  • Principal Investigator ( 3 researchers), Road safety and lighting evaluation, Road Safety Research Program, FQRNT-MTQ-FRSQ, 127500$, 2012-2015
  • Principal investigator on the Study of Land use and Transport modeling for Transportation Asset Management, Discovery Grant, NSERC, 115000$, 2012-2017
  • Principal Investigator on the connection of Road Safety and Road management systems. Start-up, Concordia University, $50,000 (2010-2012)
  • Principal Investigator. Infrastructure Management Systems for the Town of Kindersley, $20,000 (2011-2012)



Amador Jimenez, L, 2016. Civil Engineering Systems Analysis. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis). England. jimenez

Aldulaimi, M. and Amador Jimenez, L. 2015. A Method to Calibrate Roadway Lighting Warrants and Levels with Crash History. Scholars' Press. Germany jimenez

Amador Jimenez, L. 2012. Pavement Deterioration Modeling: Capturing Uncertainty and practical applications. Paperback. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-3659157882. Germany. jimenez

Articles in refereed publications

1.       Zareie, A., Amin,M.S.R., and Amador, L.E. 2015. Thornthwaite Moisture Index Modeling to Estimatethe Implication of Climate Change on Pavement Deterioration. Journal ofTransportation Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineering. [In press]

2.       Amin, M.S.R., andAmador, L.E. 2015. Travel demand modeling to simulate traffic loads forpavement deterioration curves: dealing with aggregate data at urban andregional scales. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering [CJCE-2015-0295 R1].

3.       Amin, M.S.R., andAmador, L.E. 2014. The Multi-criteria based Pavement Management System forRegional Road Network of Atlantic Provinces of Canada. International Journal ofPavements, Volume 13 Number 1-2-3 January-May-September 2014 [In Press].

4.       Amin, M.S.R.*, Zareie, A.* andAmador-Jimenez, L. 2014. Climatechange modeling and the weather related road accidents in Canada. Transportation Research Part D: Transportand Environment. Vol.32 pp.171-183 [IF=1.626]

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7.       Amador Jimenez, L.and Willis, Cξ. 2013. Demonstrating a Correlation between the Maturity ofRoad Safety Practices and Road Safety Incidents. Traffic Injury prevention. [IF.1.75]

8.       Amin, M.S.R.* and AmadorJimenez, L. 2013. Integrationof Alternating Heuristic Algorithm and Geographic Information System forOptimal Allocation of Open Spaces. In press, InternationalJournal of the Constructed Environment.

9.       Faghih-Imani, A.* and AmadorJimenez, L. 2013. Towards a sustainable Pavement Management: Incorporation ofEnvironmental Impacts of Pavement Treatments into a performance-basedoptimization”. Accepted for publication in TransportationResearch Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board of the NationalAcademies.[IF=0.482]

10.    Heydari, S.*, Miranda-Moreno. Lξ, and Amador-Jimenez, L.2013. Full Bayes Methods for Road safety studies: Does PriorSpecification Matter?. TransportationResearch Record, Journal of the Transportation Research Board of the NationalAcademies.[IF=0.482]

11.    Amador Jimenez, L. and Afghari, A.* 2012. Road Safety andPavement Management a case study of Tanzania. In Press, March 2015. Baltic Journal of Road and BridgeEngineering. [IF 1.6]

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14.    Amador-Jimenez, L and Amin, M.S.R.* 2012. SimulatingFreight-traffic between Atlantic Canada and Quebec to support pavementmanagement on New Brunswick’s regional highways. Journal of InfrastructureSystems of the American Society of Civil Engineers. [IF 0.7]

15.    Amin, M.S.R.*, and Amador Jimenez, L. 2012. Who Makes the Inevitable Conversion of Agricultural Lands to Urban Usesat the Peripheries of a Megacity?". InternationalJournal of the Constructed Environment, Volume 2,Issue 2, pp.95-110.

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Conference Proceedings

  • 1.       Maghsoudi, R. and Amador, L. 2016. Capacity-Based Optimal Allocation ofStorm Pipe Replacements: Considering Effects of Climate Change and Urbanization.To be presented at the 93th Annualmeeting of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies,Washington, DC.

    2.            Nabavi, M.,Saunier, N., Miranda-Moreno, L., Bruneau, N., Amador, L. 2016. Effects of Road Lighting onBicycle and Pedestrian Accident Frequency: A Case Study in Montréal. To bepresented at the 93th Annual meeting of theTransportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, DC.

    4.       Aldulaimi, M. andAmador Jimenez. 2016. A method to calibrate roadway lighting warrants. To be presented at the 93th Annual meeting of the Transportation ResearchBoard of the National Academies, Washington, DC.

    5.       Amador, L., and Matout, N. 2015. A low Cost method to develop an initialpavement management system. 93th Annualmeeting of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies,Washington, DC.

    6.       Amador, L., and Matout, N. 2015. A low Cost solution to estimatepavement roughness condition. 92th Annualmeeting of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies,Washington, DC.

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    8.       Amin, M. S. R.*, Amador, L. 2013. Spatio-temporal modeling of the impact of climatechange on road accidents - A Case Study of New Brunswick. Federal Committee onStatistical Research Conference, November 4 – 6, Washington D.C., USA.

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Participation activities

Guess Speaker

3rd International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety (ICTIS) 2015, Wuhan University of Technology, China

3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering, 2014, Technical University of Manabi, Ecuador

Canadian Seminar on Transportation. Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers, 2013.

Roads Seminar 2013. Technical University of Machala. Ecuador

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