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Dr. Mark Corwin, DMA

Professor, Music

Office: S-GM 500-19 
Guy-De Maisonneuve Building,
1550 De Maisonneuve W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4743

Recording Productions - CD releases

- "Missa Campanula” – Les Discques URSH. Music, Karen Young; choir,voces boreales; (Montreal, 2015). 
- "Time for Flowers, Time for Snow” (French version) – Chroma Musika/Panarmonia AtelierMusical. Music, Giannis Georgantelis; lyrics, Glen Huser; Orchestre symphoniquepop de Montréal; narrator, Terry Jones (Monty Python); Illustrations byPhilippe Béha; published by Tradewind Books (Vancouver, 2015).   
- "The Golden Touch” – Chroma Musika/Panarmonia Atelier Musical. Music, GiannisGeorgantelis; lyrics, Glen Huser; Orchestre symphonique pop de Montréal; narrator,Terry Jones (Monty Python); Illustrations by Philippe Béha; published by TradewindBooks (Vancouver, 2015).
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Yaron Ross, piano” K.475 K.457 K.533, 2012 Espace Émergence
- Amadeus Amadeus Mozart – Yaron Ross, piano” K. 280, K. 283 &K. 330, 2012 Espace Émergence
- "songs fromsilence” – Chœur Maha (CMCD002)    

Participation activities

Juno Awards Juror

- 2007 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Composition of the year
- 2006 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Vocal recording
- 2000 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Composition
- 1998 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Recording

Teaching activities

Course offerings

EAMT 205, 305:  Electroacoustic Music I and II                                 
EAMT 406, 407:  Electroacoustic Composition I and II
EAMT 350, 451, 452: Sound Recording and Reinforcement I, II and III
EAMT 203: Introduction to Digital Audio Editing
EAMT 204: Introduction to the Electroacoustic Studio

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