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Dr. Christine Beckett, PhD

Associate Professor, Music

Coordinator BFA Major in Music, Major in Integrative Music Studies

Dr. Christine Beckett, PhD
Office: S-GM 500-23 
Guy-De Maisonneuve Building,
1550 De Maisonneuve W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4711
Website(s): BRAMS
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Availability: Office hours by appointment.

Dr. Christine Beckett studied music education, composition, piano and viola at the University of Toronto. She pursued a further viola performance diploma and graduate studies in research on ear training pedagogy at McGill (Ph.D. 1993). Christine has performed as pianist and string player in many musical genres in various solo, chamber, and large ensemble contexts in North America and Europe. She continues to put her playing skills to community service.

Dr. Beckett's research is in the exciting and rapidly-expanding field of music perception and cognition, with studies on: aspects of ear training, including pedagogy; absolute pitch; music reading/dyslexia; music and emotion; cross-arts studies such as creative strategies of musicians and dancers; oral heritages such as Irish traditional music; etc.

Dr. Beckett is a charter Full Faculty member of the International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound, also known as BRAMS lab ( She organizes Concordia' Music Research Talks Series which includes an annual BRAMS Distinguished Lecture. Speakers to date: 2012 Dr. Virginia Penhune, Psychology, Concordia, Full Faculty BRAMS; 2013 Dr. Isabelle Peretz, Université de Montréal, founder and co-director of BRAMS; 2014 Dr. Lola Cuddy, Psychology, Queens, Associate Faculty BRAMS; 2015 Dr. Robert J. Zatorre, McGill, MNI, founder and co-director BRAMS.

Prof. Beckett's teaching at Concordia includes a specialization in ear training at all levels, keyboard skills, theory, survey of music research, independent studies and special projects, and individual supervision both undergraduate and graduate. Prior to Concordia, Dr. Beckett taught at McGill, at l'Université de Sherbrooke, at CEGEP level, at Suzuki institutes, and in private studio.

Prof. Beckett enjoys organizing university events such as conferences, concerts, the Welcome for first year students, Open House, and Portfolio Day. She was Acting Chair of the Music Department from 2011 - 2013.


Selected publications

2011  Beckett, C. Dancers and Musicians Improvising Together. (submitted) Chapter of forthcoming book,  Proceedings of the conference Dance & Music: Moving Dialogues, held at McGill, Montreal, Feb. 2011.

2009  Beckett, C.  Perception and cognition research on traditional music: Where are the Irish? Concordia; internal working paper

2008 Hébert, S., Béland, R., Beckett, C., Cuddy, L., Peretz, I. & Wolforth, J. A case study of music and text dyslexia. Music Perception, 25(4), 369-381.

2007 Beckett, C., & Hall, M.D. (Eds.) SMPC 2007 Conference Program Book. Montreal, July. vi 112 pp index.

2006  Gagnon, M., S. Hebert, C. Beckett, I. Peretz.  La lecture musicale chez les musicians du haut niveau. 15th Scientific Day of GRENEC (Groupe de recherché en  neuropsychologie expérimentale et cognition), Manoir St-Sauveur, QC, Canada, April.

2005  Beckett, C.  Book review of:  Williamon, A., Ed.  Musical Excellence: Strategies and Techniques to Enhance Performance.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 2004.  In Music Perception, L. Cuddy, Ed., 23(1), Sept., 101-02.        

2005  Gosselin, N., I. Peretz, M. Noulhiane, D. Hasboun, C. Beckett, M. Baulac, & S. Samson. Impaired recognition of scary music following unilateral temporal lobe excision.  Brain, 128, 628-640.

2005  Tougas, Nadine, S. Hebert, C. Beckett, I. Peretz, V. Dalpe, and L. Cuddy. A battery for assessing music reading abilities: data from normal readers. 15th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour, and Cognitive Sciences (BBCS), Montreal, July 7.

1998 Zatorre, R. J., D. Perry, C.A. Beckett, et al.  Functional anatomy of musical processing in listeners with absolute pitch and relative pitch. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.  95, 3172-3177, March, Neurobiology.

1997 Beckett, C. A.  Directing student attention during two-part dictation. Journal of Research in Music Education (JRME).  45(4), 613-625, Winter.

1993 Beckett, C. A.  Integration of musical languages in the ear training class. Actes du Colloque: Orientations et implications du nouveau programme de musique au collegial, 5-14.  Claude Parenteau (Ed.) Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada, June.

1989 Zatorre, R. J., & C. A. Beckett.  Multiple coding strategies in the retention of musical tones by possessors of absolute pitch. Memory and Cognition.  17(5), 582-589.

Participation activities

Selected presentations

2011  Beckett, C.  Human perception of Irish jigs: Two pioneering studies.  Concordia University Music Department Faculty Research Series Inaugural Lecture, Montreal, Oct. 6.

2011 Beckett, C. Auditory structural parsing of Irish jigs: The role of listenerexperience. Oral presentation to the SMPC 2011 Conference, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, USA, Aug.

2011  Beckett, C. Music is Spatiotemporal. Oral presentation to the Institute of Musical Research, University of London, Senate House UCL, London, England,May.

2011  Beckett, C.  Music Perception Research Meets Irish Traditional Music. Talk to theGraduate Symposium (Meitheal) at the Centre for Irish Studies, National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI-Galway), April 6.

2011  Beckett, C. Dancers and Musicians Improvising Together. Oral presentation at the Colloque International Conference "Danse et Musique: Dialogues en Mouvement: Dance and Music: Moving Dialogues", held at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Feb.

2010  Beckett, C. & D. Eck. The 37th Jig. Poster presented at the 11th International Conference for Music Perception & Cognition (ICMPC11), University of Washington, Seattle USA, Aug 23 - 27.

2010  Beckett, C.  Body Music: When Dancing Drums. Poster presented at the 11th International Conference for Music Perception & Cognition (ICMPC11), University of Washington, Seattle USA, August 23 - 27.

2010  Beckett, C.  Music Perception and Cognition Research:  Basics, and Recent Advances in Clinical Applications. Invited guest lecturer for students in Concordia's Certificate in Music Therapy program, in class of Prof. Guylaine Vaillancourt.

2009  Beckett, C.  Temporal stability in rhythmic continuations by drummers and dancers. Oral presentation at the SMPC 2009 conference, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Aug 4.

2009  Beckett, C.  Serial Technique in Improvisations by Drummers and Dancers. Poster at the 2009 BRAMS Annual Scientific Day, Loyola campus of Concordia University, Dr. V. Penhune (Concordia, Psychology) organizer. Montreal, May.

2009  Beckett, C.  Continuations from Opening Gestures in Rhythm and Dance.  Oral
presentation at The Musical Body conference, University College London, Senate House, England, April.

2008  Hemispheric Harmonies.  A talk at Concordia Vanier Library, Loyola campus, on music, brain and mind. Oct 28. Audio and video files online at:

2008  Madell, Hebert, McNabney & Beckett. Eye-motion tracking in Music Reading. Poster     presented at the Neuroscience of Music III conference, McGill, Montreal, June 28.

2007  Beckett, C.  Ear Training Intensive Workshop for professors and student tutors of Vanier College (CEGEP) Music Department. May 29, Ville St-Laurent, QC, Canada.

2007  Beckett, C. Does memory skill predict ear training ability?  Oral presentation at the SMPC 2007 conference, Jul 30 - Aug 3, Concordia University, Montreal, Aug. 1.

2007  Beckett, C. Warm-ups for Two-part Melodic Dictation?  Poster presented at the 8th conference of the Society for Music Perception & Cognition (SMPC 2007). Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada. August 2.

2007 Beckett, C. Harmonic Imagery Evoked by Implicative Melodic Intervals. Poster presented at the 8th conference of the Society for Music Perception & Cognition (SMPC 2007). Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada. August 1.

2006  Beckett, C.A. What Research Tells Singers: Haystacks, hens' teeth, and the hunt for connection.  Powerpoint presentation to 1st Vocal Summit Invitational, organized by Prof. Jeri Brown. Oct 19, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada.

2006  Hebert, S., L. Cuddy, C. Beckett & I. Peretz. Music reading deficiencies and the brain.  Oral presentation at the 9th International Conference for Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), Bologna, Italy, August 22-26.

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