Mia Consalvo, PhD

Professor and Canada Research Chair In Game Studies & Design, Communication Studies

Mia Consalvo, PhD
Office: L-CJ 4407 
Communication Studies and Journalism Building,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2574
Email: Mia.Consalvo@concordia.ca
Availability: By appointment.


BA, Communications, Lyndon State College, Vermont

MA, Communications, University of Washington

PhD, Mass Communications, University of Iowa

Areas of research and teaching

My main focus is game studies, with particular interests in players and the culture of gameplay. I’m currently working several projects, including an examination of live streamers on sites like Twitch who stream to small audiences; and a study of how socio-economic class impacts games, game players, and the game industry


Fall: COMS 642/893//INDI 620/820 Games and/as Research Research

Winter: COMS 605 Communication Research Methods

Teaching activities

Fall 2019

COMS 642/983 & INDI 620/82 Games and/as Research Creation

This course focuses on games through thelens of research-creation. Time will be spent at the beginning of the classinvestigating the evolution of research-creation (also known as arts-basedresearch and creative making) as a recognized area of practice as well as thedevelopment of games as valid forms of entertainment, art, persuasion andcatalysts for change. The course then investigates how we can (1) advanceresearch (broadly defined) through the act of making games; (2) use games astools for doing research; and (3) creatively present research through games.


Readings, class discussions, and courseassignments explores these areas, focusing on the following goals: definingresearch-creation; understanding the multiple ways research-creation can intersectwith games; debating/discussing/developing standards for assessingresearch-creation projects that use games in some way; and experimenting withgame creation.



Real Games: What’s Legitimate and What’sNot in Contemporary Videogames (2019)

Mia Consalvo& Christopher A. Paul, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA


Atari to Zelda:Japan’s Videogames in Global Contexts (2016)

Mia Consalvo,MIT Press, Cambridge, MA


Book Chapters

Video Game Engagement onSocial Media in the Middle East

AhmedAl-Rawi and Mia Consalvo, Video Games andthe Global South (2019) edited by Phillip Penix-Tadse, Carnegie MellonUniversity: ETC Press


Why We NeedFeminist Game Studies

The Handbook of Contemporary Feminism (forthcoming) edited by Andrea Press andTasha Oren, Routledge


ClashRoyale and Gaming Capital

How to Play Video Games (2019) edited by Nina Huntemann and MattPayne, NYU Press


Kaceytronand Transgressive Play on Twitch.tv

Transgressions in Games andPlay (2018) edited by KristineJørgensen and Faltin Karlsen, MIT Press


TandemPlay: Theorizing Sociality in Single-Player Gameplay

Mia Consalvo, Jason Begy, Sarah Ganzon &Rainforest Scully-Blaker, Video Games: AMedium That Demands Attention (2018) edited by Nicholas Bowman, Routledge

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