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Susan Surette, MA

Part-Time Faculty, Art History

Susan Surette, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Art History under the supervision of Dr. Elaine Paterson, is examining Canadian ceramic relief murals executed in the quarter century between 1960 and 1985. Her research interests are focussed upon the contested discursive spaces of Canadian ceramic production, craft and decorative art, as well as the application of an interdisciplinary approach that addresses the object/work and its concerns. Her theoretical interests currently involve material culture studies, postphenomenology and ANT. Susan Surette has taught undergraduate courses at Concordia and NSCAD universities on Canadian ceramic history and world ceramic history, and a graduate course on decorative art at Concordia. Her published articles can be found in Métiers d'art/Craft Journal, Itineraire: Rendez-vous 2009 en métiers d'art, 2010, Craft: Perception and Practice Vol. 2, Utopic Impulses: Contemporary Ceramics Practice, On the Table: 100 years of Functional Ceramics in Canada, and JCAH upcoming Autumn 2011. She has presented papers at  UAAC, AAH and CWAHI conferences and has co-chaired UAAC sessions The Embodiment of Craft 2009 and Post-Disciplinairity and Sloppy Craft: A Critical Engagement, 2011.  Susan Surette's research has been supported by J.W. McConnell Graduate Memorial Fellowships, SSHRC, FQRSC, and Renata Hornstein Graduate Fellowship in Art History, Susan Surette is a ceramic artist working within Studio Surette and has works in corporate, public and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe. As a ceramic artist, she has given several artist talks and has participated in gallery, museum and national juried craft shows.


PhD Student - Art History

Thesis Title

Canadian Ceramic Relief Murals - The Formative Years 1960-1985: craft, decorative art and architecture.


Dr. Elaine C. Paterson

Research interests

  • Canadian Ceramic Production
  • Craft and Decorative Art
  • Interdisciplinary Approach - Object/Work
  • Material Culture Studies

Teaching activities

Undergraduate Courses

  • ARTH 264 Aspects of the History of Ceramics
  • ARTH 350 History of Ceramics
  • ARTH 357 Studies in the History of Fibre Art: An Examination of Selected Subjects in the History of Fibre Art: Hybridity in 20th Century Textile Art

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