Concordia University

Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim, PhD

Associate Professor, Art History
Co-Editor, Journal of Asian Diasporic Visual Culture and the Americas, Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art

On sabbatical research leave until July 1, 2017

Office: S-EV 3777 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5376
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Availability: On sabbatical leave until June 30, 2017.

Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim teaches courses on contemporary art, media art, ethnocultural and global art histories, international art exhibitions and curatorial studies in the Department of Art History. Her main fields of research are in contemporary Asian art and Asian Canadian art with a particular interest in recent media art, theories of representation, and the relationship between remix culture and place identity. Dr. Jim received her MA (1996) from Concordia University and her PhD (2004) from McGill University. From 2001 to 2002, she was Research Fellow at the Centre of Asian Studies and the Centre for the Study of Globalization and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong. Her doctoral dissertation addressed urban metaphors in Hong Kong media art in relation to questions of place identity, history and spatial culture. Her MA thesis examined the 1989 "Black Wimmin: When and Where We Enter," the first exhibition in Canada devoted entirely to the work of Black women artists.

Dr. Jim has organized many exhibitions and convened major academic symposia in her areas of specialization since 2004, including the conference "Can-Asian, Eh? Diaspora, Indigeneity and the Transpacific" for the Canadian Asian Studies Association (Vancouver: CASA, 2009), the symposium "Comics, Japanese Popular Culture, and Contemporary Art" (Montreal: Concordia University, 2009), the exhibition "Rearranging Desires: Curating the 'Other' Within" and the symposium "About Culturally-Specific Exhibitions" (Montreal: Concordia FOFA Gallery, 2008), and the exhibition "Redress Express: Chinese Restaurants and the Head Tax Issue in Canadian Art" and symposium "Current Directions in Asian Canadian Art" (Vancouver: Centre A and the Vancouver Chinese Cultural Centre, 2007). Prior to joining Concordia University, Dr. Jim was Curator of the Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A) in Vancouver from 2003 to 2006. . Exhibitions include: "Container Culture" for ISEA2006; "Yoko Ono: Mending Peace" (2006); "Neighbourhood", a video exhibition and film screening of thirteen Canadian artists (2005); with Viet Le, "Charlie Don't Surf: Four Vietnamese American Artists" (2005); and "Mutations<>Connections: Cultural (Ex)Changes in Asian Diasporas" (2004).

Dr. Jim has presented at numerous national and international conferences and her writings have been published in various journals, exhibition catalogues, and book anthologies, including Journal of Visual Culture, Amerasia Journal, Positions: East Asia Cultures Critique, Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, Precarious Visualities: New Perspectives on Identification in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture (2008), Reel Asian: Asian Canada on Screen (2007), Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture (2005), Racism, Eh? A Critical Inter-Disciplinary Anthology of Race and Racism in Canada (2004). She is a Research Associate with the Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis at Carleton University and a member of the Screen Culture Research Group at Concordia University.

Research & Teaching Interests

  • Contemporary Art
  • Media Art
  • Contemporary Asian Art
  • Asian Canadian Art
  • Theories of Representation
  • Ethnocultural Art Histories
  • Mobility and Migration
  • Global Art Histories and Curatorial Studies

Distinctions & Awards


  • FQRSC New Researcher Grant, Établissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs, Fonds de recherché sur la societé et la culture, 2008-2011. Principle Investigator. Research Project: Decennial Frames and Place-Identity: Art Exhibitions on Hong Kong in an International Context, 1997-2007.
  • SSHRC Standard Research Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, 2008-2011. Principle Investigator. Research Project: Transnational Circuits: Contemporary Chinese Art in Urban-Themed Exhibitions, 1993-2007.
  • CASA Seed Funding Program Grant, Concordia University, 2008-2009. Principle Investigator. Research Project: Global Art Histories in Canada (Phase I).

Teaching activities


  • ARTH 368 Studies in Contemporary Art and Architecture - Special Topic: The Packaging of Contemporary Art
  • ARTH 353 Technology and Contemporary Art
  • ARTH 358 Studies in the History of Media Art - Special Topic: Screen Culture
  • ARTH 358 Studies in the History of Media Art - Special Topic: Remix Culture
  • ARTH 379 Postcolonial Theory and Art - Special Topic: Migration and Mobility in Contemporary Art
  • ARTH 389 Issues in Ethnocultural Art Histories - Special Topic: Race, Citizenship and Art in Canada
  • ARTH 450 Advanced Undergraduate Seminar - Special Topic: Contemporary Asian Art in a Global Context


  • Interuniversity Doctoral Program Seminar - Topic: Global Art Histories
  • ARTH 615 Aspects of Postcolonial Theory in Art and Art History - Topic: Historiography of Contemporary Asian Art and Asian Diasporic Art
  • ARTH 642 Aspects of Media and New Media - Topic: Networked Art Practices
  • ARTH 648 Aspects of Museum Studies: Theories - Topic: Contemporary Exhibition Practice in the International Arena
  • ARTH 649 Aspects of Museum Studies: Practice - Topic (Fall 2008): Curating the 'Other' / Topic (Fall 2014): Contemporary Exhibition Practice in the International Arena (The BNL MTL)

Thesis Supervision


Tamara Harkness (in progress)

Tianmo Zhang (in progress)

Jessica Kirsh (in progress)

Victoria Nolte (in progress)

Adrienne Johnson (in progress)

Rajee Jejisher Gill
Partition and Postmemory in the Work of Kriti Arora and Sharlene Bamboat
Convocation: Fall 2014

Charles Patrick Leonard
Gu Xiong's Barricade of Bicycles (1991): Dissident Pop and the National Gallery of Canada
Convocation: Fall 2014

Mikhel Proulx
The Progress of Ambiguity: Uncertain Imagery in Digital Culture
Convocation: Spring 2013

Wesley B. Colclough
At The Crossroads: Brendan Tang, M. N. Yahgulanaas and Manga
Convocation: Spring 2012

Jessa Alston-O'Connor
Consuming Culture: Negotiating Asian Canadian Identities through Food Culture and Art
Convocation: Fall 2011

Sarah Wilkinson
The Living Moment: A Consideration of the Politics of Indigenous Representation and Public Historical Monuments in Quebec
Convocation: Spring 2011

Dina Vescio, MA
Surveillance and Spectacle in Webcam-based Artworks: Eyes of Laura by Janet Cardiff and Homecammers - Women by Cheryl Sourkes
Convocation: Fall 2009

Rosemary Marland, MA (Carleton University)
Unmasking the Canon: The Role of the Uli Sigg Collection in the Construction of the Contemporary Chinese Art Canon
Convocation: Fall 2009
Co-supervision (with Ming Tiampo, Carleton University)

Michael F. Rattray, MA
Mapping the Post-Colonial Landscape Project: A Critical Analysis
Convocation: Fall 2008

Erandy Vergara-Vargas, MA
In Site-Specific: Three Art Projects on the Tijuana-San Diego Border Zone
Convocation: Fall 2008


Ifeoma Ugonnwa Anyaeji, Humanities (in progress)
Minor Field Advisor

Kanwal Syed, Art History (in progress)

Nima Esmailpour, Art History (in progress)

Mikhel Proulx, Art History (in progress)

Dana Samuel, Humanities (in progress)
Minor Field Advisor

Jaclyn Meloche, Humanities (in progress)
Minor Field Advisor

Marc Schilling, Humanities (in progress)
Principal Supervisor

Joanne Joe Yan Hui, Humanities (in progress)
Fluid Terrains from Postcolonial to Mobile Subjectivity: Graphic Travelogue as Post-National Expression
Principal Supervisor

Valérie Cools, Humanities
Motifs,Textures and Folds: Japanese Popular Visual Culture as Transcultural and Phenomenological Flow
Minor Field Advisor
Convocation: Fall 2014

Devora Neumark, Humanities
Radical Beauty for Troubled Times: Involuntary Displacement and the (Un)making of Home
Minor Field Advisor
Convocation: Spring 2013

Research activities

Current Research

Jim's current research projects include a book manuscript which examines the ways in which Hong Kong has been represented in urban-themed international art exhibitions from 1997 to 2007 (research funded by FQRSC); and a SSHRC-funded study on the recent history of contemporary Chinese art exhibitions in relation to transnational urbanism, participatory media and issues of cultural representation. She is currently embarking on a new project on game culture and new media arts in China. In 2008-2009, Jim received CASA Seed Funding from Concordia to study the pedagogical direction of global art histories in Canada as part of her ongoing research project to assess the curriculum development of ethnocultural art histories in the Canadian and Quebec context.


Book Chapters

  • Reprint: "The Different Worlds of Cao Fei"(2012). Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the 21st Century. Ed. Lauren Cornell and Ed Halter. New York: MIT Press; New Museum, forthcoming 2015. Reprint of article commissioned and published in Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 11:3 (May/June 2012) 82-90. Reprinted for the exhibition "Cao Fei: Simulus" at Surrey Art Gallery as part ofYellow Signal: New Media in China,
  • “Ai Weiwei: Love the Future 爱未来: Art for Human Rights.” Human Rights and the Arts: Perspectives from Global Asia, ed. Lily Cho, Ted Goossen and Susan Henders. New York: Lexington Books (Global Encounters: Studies in Comparative Political Theory, Fred R. Dallmayr), forthcoming 2015.
  • Reprint: “Redress Express: Chinese Restaurants and the Head Tax Issue in Canadian Art” (2007). Encountering Strangers Within: Race, Diaspora, and Nation in Asian Canada. Ed. Roland Sintos Coloma. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, forthcoming 2015. Reprint of article published in Amerasia Journal, 33:2(2007) 97-114.
  • Reprint: “Articulating Spaces of Representation: Contemporary Black Women Artists in Canada” (2004). Black Canadian Art. Ed. Charmaine Nelson. Montreal; Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, forthcoming 2015.
  • “Dealing with Chiastic Perspectives: Global Art Histories in Canada.” Negotiations in aVacant Lot: Studying the Visual in Canada. Ed. Lynda Jessup, Keri Cronin, and Kirsty Robertson. Montreal; Kingston, ON: McGill-Queen’s University Press, forthcoming 2014 (in press).
  • “20 Years of Departure Lounge Art’: Airplanes, Airports and Visa Centres in Contemporary Art.” Triennial City: Localising Asian Art (Asia Triennial Manchester 2011). Ed. Beccy Kennedy, Alnoor Mihta, and Leon Wainwright. Manchester, UK: Cornerhouse Publications, 2014. 40-62.
  • "Mediating Place-identity: Notes on A Very Good City." Precarious Visualities: New Perspectives on Identification in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture. Ed. Olivier Asselin, Johanne Lamoureux, and Christine Ross. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2008.
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Encyclopedia Entries

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Journal Articles

“Afterword.” PUBLIC: Art/Culture/Ideas (Fall 2013) 169-176. Special issue on dOCUMENTA(13) in Banff, ed. Sarah Blacker, Imre Szeman, Maria Whiteman, and HeatherZwicker.

TheMaraya Project: Research-Creation, Inter-reference and the Worlding ofAsian Cities.” Third Text:Third World Perspectives on Art and Literature 28:1 (Winter 2014) 15-31,special issue on “The Transnational Turn: East Asian Mobilities andMigrations,” co-edited by Dean Chan and Michelle Yee.

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“Analysis andDocumentation of the 1989 Exhibition 'Black Wimmin: When and Where We Enter.’” Revue art canadienne/Canadian Art Review(RACAR), 23:1-2 (1996 issue published in 1998) 71-83. 

Exhibition Catalogues

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Selected Articles and Exhibition Reviews in Magazines

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    “‘La vie, ce n'est pas une fleur bleue...’ Homage to the Beijing Spring Movement: Lau TinYum at Galerie Observatoire 4.” CMagazine, International Contemporary Art 55 (November 1997) 47.

Selected Online Publications

  • "On Stories: Introducing this Issue on Contemporary Art in Hong Kong" (co-writer with Norman Jackson Ford); and "Screen Structures: Relating to Hong Kong Media Art." 5:2 (April 2003), special issue on Hong Kong contemporary art. Ed. Norman Jackson Ford and Alice Ming Wai Jim. [off line; consult Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong].
  • "Mary Wong's Well Wishers: A Narration of Migratory Subjectivity"; "Black Women Artists in Canada: the 1989 Exhibition Black Wimmin: When and Where We Enter"; "Du Balancier and Louez-Moi: An Exhibit by Cui Yong Jin and Mei-Kuei Feu"; "Two Fictional Letters"; "Vita Plume and Buseje Bailey." Women Artists in Canada, an Industry Canada website, first edition 1996, second edition 2000.

Participation activities

Conferences & Lectures

ConferenceOrganizer / Workshops or Workgroups Organized (Principal Academic Convenor):

 Invited: Member of the local steering committee of Hexagram(Concordia/UQAM), Media@McGill and Université de Montréal to host RE:2015 – 10thAnniversary International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science andTechnology on the theme of Re-Create - histories, theories and methodsof research-creation in media arts and sciences, in 2015.

Invited:Encuentro2014 Work Group Co-Organizer(with Beatrice Glow, New York University and Lok Siu, UC Berkeley). “PerformingAsian/Americas: Converging Movements.” MANIFEST!Choreographing Social Movements in the Americas, 9th Encuentro of The Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, ConcordiaUniversity, Montreal, June 21-28, 2014.

Contemporary Art and the Inter-Asian Imaginary Workshop, co-directed with Henry Tsang(emily carr university of art design), Inter-Asian Connections IV:Istanbul, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey, October 2-5, 2013.Co-organized and co-sponsored by the SocialScience Research Council (SSRC), YaleUniversity, the National University of Singapore (NUS), the Hong Kong Institutefor the Humanities and Social Sciences (HKIHSS) at the University of Hong Kong,Göttingen University and Koç University

Performance of Memory: The Workof Ed Pien and Howie Tsui, inter-universityroundtable discussion forum (study day) with presenter Christine Conley(University of Ottawa), and discussants Thomas Lamarre (East Asian Studies/ArtHistory and Communications, McGill), Matthew Penney (History, Concordia),Joanne Hui (PhD Humanities student, Concordia) and Alice Ming Wai Jim, withfaculty and graduate students in attendance. Co-sponsored by The Gail andStephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art and the Departmentof Art History, Concordia University, March 25, 2010.

Can-Asian, Eh? Diaspora,Indigeneity and the Transpacific,annual international conference of the East Asian and South Asian Councils – CanadianAsian Studies Association (CASA), Vancouver, BC, October 8-11, 2009, with 140delegates in attendance. Also Member of Programming and Can-Asian SteeringCommittees. 2009 Conference Report published in inauguralissue of CASA Bulletin de l’ACEA 1:1 (Spring 2010) 3-6, 14.

Comics, Japanese Popular Cultureand Contemporary Art,interdisciplinary conference panel of six speakers with presenter ChristineConley (University of Ottawa), and discussants Thomas Lamarre (East AsianStudies/Art History and Communications, McGill), Matthew Penney (History,Concordia), Joanne Hui (PhD Humanities student, Concordia), Howie Tsui (artist),Concordia University, March 13, 2009. 

Rearranging Desires: AboutCulturally-Specific Work,national symposium of 19 speakers organized in conjunction with Rearranging Desires: Curating the “Other”Within exhibition, Concordia University, Montreal, October 18, 2008.

Redress Express: CurrentDirections in Asian Canadian Art,national symposium of 27 speakers organized in conjunction with Redress Express: Chinese Restaurants and theHead Tax Issue in Contemporary Art exhibition, VancouverInternational Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A), Vancouver, August3, 2007.

Mutations<>Connections: Cultural(Ex)Changes in Asian Diasporas,international symposium of 25 speakers, in conjunction with Mutations<>Connectionsexhibition,Emily Carr Institute of Art Design Media, for the VancouverInternational Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A), Vancouver, June3-4, 2004. Nine of the papers presented were subsequently published with myintroductory essay in Yishu:Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art 3:3(September 2004) 32-80.


“EthnoculturalArt Histories in the Classroom and Beyond.” Panel: Pedagogy and Diversity: TheGlobal Factor, sponsored by Committee on Diversity Practices, chaired bySunanda K. Sanyal. CollegeArt Association (CAA) Annual Conference, NewYork, NY, February 11-14, 2015.

Invitedparticipant. ISEA 2014 Educational Forum, Location:20th International Symposiumon Electronic Art (ISEA), Zayed Unviersity, Dubai, UAE, November 6, 2014.


“SpeculativeIdentity: Let’s Play with Our Values. Toi, Moi et la Charte (‘You, Me, and the Charter’).” Location: 20thInternational Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Zayed University, Dubai, UAE,October 30-November 8, 2014.

Workshop co-organizer. CriticalRace Workshop. Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), Concordia University, October 23-26, 2014.


“A Hemispheric NetworkedResearch Model for Asian Canadian Art History, 1960s-present.” Asian American Art: TransnationalCirculations and Diasporic Framings.”  Smithsonian American ArtMuseum, Washington, DC. Presented in collaboration with the Smithsonian Archivesof American Art and Asian Pacific American Center at the SmithsonianInstitution and the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New YorkUniversity as a part of the 2014 NYU Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange andWorking Sessions in DC and New York City, May 30-June 4, 2014. Invited participant.


Faculty and Graduate Study Day participant.Bruno Latour: An Inquiry into Modes ofExistence, Artexte, Montreal, April 30, 2014.


“Asian/Americas: Contemporary Art and theHemispheric Transnational Diaspora.” Panel: New World Systems? Reassessing the Transnational Traffic ofArt. Association of Art Historians (AAH) Annual Conference, RoyalCollege of Art, London, UK, April 10-12, 2014.

“Asian Diasporic VisualCultures and the Americas.” 2014 Asian Canadian Studies Conference: What Difference Does ‘Asian Canadian’ Make?Power, Knowledge, and Resistance, OISE, University of Toronto, March 28,2014. 

Chair for CAA Affiliate Society Diasporic Asian Art Network (DAAN) Panel: Asian/Americas: Praxis and Pedagogy. College Art Association(CAA) Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, February 12-15, 2014. 

Working Session Participant. The State ofBlackness: From Production to Presentation interdisciplinary conference. OCADUniversity, at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, ON. February 22, 2014.


Moderator. Professional Panel (Esther Bourdages,Christine Ross, Jonathan Lessard, Jean Dubois). 3rd Annual Concordia UndergraduateArt History Conference: Art and the Digital. Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH), ConcordiaUniversity, January 24-25, 2014. Keynote: Kent Monkman. 

Commentator. Michael Asbury, “Contesting HybridNotions within Brazilian Contemporary Art.” Afternoonsat the Institute Series. Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute forStudies in Canadian Art, Department of Art History, Concordia University,November 11, 2013. 

Moderator/Faculty Advisor/Supervisor. Cultural Convergences I:Testify, one-day conference, inauguralconference for student-run Ethnocultural Art Histories Research Group (EAHR), ConcordiaUniversity, September 21, 2013. Keynote: Andrea Fatona, Curator/YorkUniversity.


Moderator (invited), Asian Canadian Wiki Tea Salon: ResearchPresentations, Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, July 24,2013.

“Backlashing on the Slash: Asian/Americas andAsian/Feminisms.” Roundtable:“Intersecting Edges: Gender, Culture, Resistance” (co-sponsored by AsianCanadian Studies Network). Women's andGender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) Annual Conference, Congress 20103 of the Humanities &Social Sciences, University of Victoria, Victoria BC, June 2, 2010 / inconjunction with Over the Edge: Forming Asian Canadian Studies: Inaugural Meeting of Asian CanadianStudies Network, during Congress 2013,June 1-2, 2013.

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  • Identity Politics and Performance Art, round table discussion, fofa Gallery, Concordia University, March 7, 2012.
  • Discussant for panel "Urbanization and Contemporary Art in Asia." College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, February 22-25, 2012.
  • Co-convenor (with Annette Bhagwati) of panel "Global Art Histories in Canada." Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC), Carleton University, October 27-29, 2011.
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Artistic performances



  • Yam Lau (Toronto): A World is a Model of a World,Darling Foundry, Montreal, June 6-August 25, 2013.
  • Rearranging Desires: Curating the 'Other' Within, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Concordia University, October 2008.
  • Redress Express: Chinese Restaurants and the Head Tax Issue in Contemporary Art, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A), August 2007.
  • Container Culture exhibition, curatorial committee member in ISEA 2006 Symposium (Inter-Society for Electronic Arts), Pacific Rim New Media Summit (working group member) and ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge, San Jose, CA, August 2006.
  • Emergency Biennale in Chechnya, Evelyne Jouanno (Founding ArtisticDirector) / 7: Vancouver Stop, organized by Alice Ming Wai Jim, KristinaPodesva and Babak Golkar. July-August 2006.

  • Container Culture Vancouver: IN[  ]EX new media art project, in conjunction with UBC Living the Global City program of the 2006 World Urban Forum, at the Earth World Urban Festival (Official Arts and Culture Festival of WUF), June 2006, and Centre A, Vancouver, June -July 2006.
  • Yoko Ono: Wish Tree & Mending Peace, Centre A, Vancouver, June 2006.
  • Erika Tan and Anthony Lam: Mining the Archive, Centre A, Vancouver, 2006.
  • Jenny Ham: TRACT:  Installation and performance, Centre A, Vancouver, 2005.
  • Neighbourhood, video exhibition and film screening of 13 Canadian artists, Centre A, Vancouver, 2005.
  • Vanessa Kwan, Your Private Sky: Penticton, Art Gallery of South Okanagan, Penticton, BC, 2005.
  • Charlie Don't Surf: 4 Vietnamese American Artists, co-curated with Viet Le, Centre A, Vancouver, 2005.
  • Kim Huynh Inflected Signs, Centre A, Vancouver, 2005.
  • Samina Mansuri: DARR: 37 Conversations, Centre A, Vancouver, 2004.
  • Mutations<>Connections: Cultural (Ex)Changes in Asian Diasporas, Centre A, Vancouver, 2004.
  • Mei-Kuei Feu: Zone flottante, Centre A, Vancouver, 2004.
  • Para/Site Art Space: Open Work, co-curated with David Chan, Centre A, Vancouver, 2004.
  • Gailan Ngan: Informal Residency, Centre A, Vancouver, 2004.

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q  3. a list of courses (and year and session enrolled) you have taken with me, and final grades obtained; justify grade in comparison to your evaluation of the course. Justify inconsistencies in academic performance,if applicable.

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