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Yu-Ping Chen, PhD

Associate Professor, Management
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Professorship in Work Motivation

Yu-Ping Chen, PhD
Office: S-MB 13337  
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2910

Yu-Ping Chen joined the John Molson School of Business in 2012 after completing his PhD degree at  Sheldon B. Lubar School of Business, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He also received his Master degree in Human Resources and Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota and his BBA degree in International Business at National Taiwan University.

Yu-Ping’s research focuses on global work experiences (e.g., corporate expatriates, self-initiated expatriates, and international business travelers), cross-cultural management, interpersonal relationships at work, work motivation, and work-family issues. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Management, Human Resource Management, Journal of Business and Psychology, Journal of World Business, Applied Psychology: An International Review, Journal of Global Mobility, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, and International Journal of Human Resource Management. He is also an associate editor at the Journal of Global Mobility.


PhD in Management Science (University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
MA in Human Resource and Industrial Relations  (University of Minnesota - Twin Cities)
BBA in International Business (National Taiwan University)

Areas of Expertise

  • Global work experiences
  • Interpersonal relationships at work
  • Workplace motivation
  • Work-family interface
  • HR algorithmic management

Teaching activities

MANA 443: Compensation and Benefits Management
MSCA 641: Seminar in Staffing and Career Management
MSCA 643: Seminar in Motivation, Evaluation, Compensation, and Rewards
MSCA 652: Seminar in Advanced Topics in Organizational Behaviour
ADMI 812: Seminar in Current Issues in Organizational Behaviour
COMM 222: Organizational Behaviour and Theory


Refereed Journal Articles

Hsu, Y., Chen,  Y. -P., Selmer, J., & Bastida, M. (2023). Thriving in virtual academic conferences: Fact or Fiction?. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.

Thibault Landry, A., Papachristopoulos, K., Hsu,Y., & Chen, Y. -P. (2022). Better leveraging monetary rewards in the 21st century workplace using self-determination theory. International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management. 17(1), 67-80.

Hsu, Y., Chen,  Y. -P., Chiang, F. F. T.,& Shaffer, M. A. (2022). It takes two to tango: Knowledge transfer between expatriates and host country nationals. Human Resource Management. 61, 215-238.

Hsu, Y., Chen, Y. -P., Shaffer, M. A., & Chiang, F. F. T. (2021). Knowledge  Exchange between Expatriates and Host Country Nationals: An Expectancy Value Perspective. Journal of Global Mobility. 9, 499-518.

Hsu, Y., Chen, Y. -P.,& Shaffer, M. A (2021). What reduces work and 

home cognitive failures? The roles of flextime use and perceived control. 

Journal of Business and Psychology. 36, 155-172.

Chen, Y. -P., & Shaffer, M. A. (2018). The influences of expatriate spouses’ 

coping strategies on expatriate adjustment and spouse adjustment: The 

interdependency perspective. Journal of Global Mobility. 6(1), 20-39.

(Recipient of 2019 Literati Award: Highly Commended paper)


Chen, Y. -P., & Shaffer, M. A. (2017). The influences of perceived 

organizational support and motivation on self-initiated expatiates' 

organizational and community embeddedness.

Journal of World Business. 52(2), 197-208.

Chen, Y. -P., Shaffer,M. A., Chen, S., Westman, M., Lazarova, M., & 

Reiche, S. (2014). Family role performance: Scale development and 

validation. Applied Psychology: An International Review. 63(1), 190-218. 

(*Selected by the journal editor and is included in the Applied 

Psychology Virtual Issue‘The AP:IR Measure Chest – New Scales 

and Measurements across Cultures)


Shaffer, M. A., Singh, B., & Chen, Y. -P. (2013). Expatriate pay 

satisfaction: The role of organizational inequities, assignment stressors 

anperceived assignment value. International Journal of Human Resource Management. 24(5), 2968-


Shaffer, M. A., Kraimer, M. L., Chen, Y. -P., & Bolino, M. C. (2012). 

Choiceschallenges, and career consequences of global work experiences: 

A review and future agendaJournal of Management, 38(4), 1282-1327. 


Chen, Y. -P., Hsu, Y., & Yip, F. W. -K. (2011). Friends or rivals

Comparative perspectives of HR and line managers on perceived 

future firm performance. International Journal of Human Resource 

Management, 22(8), 1703-1722.

Book Chapter

Chen, Y. -P., & Shaffer, M. A. (2015) Individual and organizational decisions for global mobility. in Collings, D. G.,Wood, G., & Caligiuri, P. (eds.) The Routledge Companion to International Human Resource Management

Participation activities

Refereed Conference Presentations

Hsu, Y.,& Chen, Y. -P., & Chiang, F. F. T. 2023. Bridging the knowledgetransfer gap between expatriate and host country national: Managing interactionAnxiety and Uncertainty. To be presented" at 2023 European Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, Dublin, Ireland.


Chen, Y.-P., Joplin, J. R, W., Chan, S., & Posthuma, R. 2022. The CurvilinearImpacts of Social Challenge Stressors on Hong Kong and US Nurses’ Job Satisfaction.Presented" at 2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.


Hsu, Y.,& Chen, Y. -P. 2022. Proactive Personality, Flexible WorkArrangements, and Work- Family Conflict. Presented" at 2022 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting.


  Chen, Y. -P., Lirio P., & Pek, S. 2022.Watched by bots: The influences of algorithmic

             surveillance on app-work workers’intrapsychic responses and career sustainability

             Presented at the symposium "Managedby Algorithms: How Humans Act, React, and

             Interact in the Future of Work"at 2022 Academy of Management Annual Meeting,

             Seattle, WA.


Chen, Y. -P.& Hsu, Y. 2021. Strangers in the foreign land: Exploring culturalminority global professionals’ career satisfaction. Presented"at 2021 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting.


Chiovitti, S. & Chen,Y. -P. 2019. Linkingemployer brand, employee motivation, and employee engagement. Presented"at 2019 European Association of Work and OrganizationalPsychology Meeting, Turin, Italy.


*Hsu, Y. & Chen, Y. -P.,Shaffer M. A., Chiang, F. F. T. 2019. Whatreduces anxiety and uncertainty of cross-cultural dyads’ knowledge transfer?The role of sender’s relationship building and communication patience.  Presented atthe showcase symposium "Global Competencies: Resources, Processes, and Consequences "at 2019 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

           *Finalist for the Emerald Best International Symposium Award


Hsu, Y. & Chen, Y. -P. 2018. A Social Capital Model of Cross-CulturalKnowledge
Presented" at 2018 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


Chen, Y. -P. 2013. Self-initiated expatriates' experience of establishing global work experience: A self-determination theory perspective. Presentedat the showcase symposium "Global Competencies: Resources, Processes, andConsequences" at 2013 Academy of Management Annual Meeting,Lake BuenaVista, FL.


Hsu, Y. & Chen, Y. -P. 2013. Knowledge transfer between expatriates and host country nationals. Presentedat the showcase symposium "Global Competencies: Resources, Processes, andConsequences"at 2013 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, Lake Buena Vista, FL.


Chen,Y.-P., Lazarova,M., Chen, S., Shaffer, M. A., & Westman, M. 2012. Family taskandcontextual performance: Similarities and differences between United StatesandIsraeli employees. Presented at 2012 Work and Family Researchers NetworkConference, New York, NY.


Chen, Y. -P., Chen,S., Shaffer, M. A., Westman, M., & Lazarova,M. 2012. The Family

Role Performance: Scale Development and Nomological Validation. Presented at

2012Society for Industrial andOccupational Psychology Annual Conference, San

Diego, California.



Chen,Y.-P., Shaffer, M. A., Westman, M., Chen, S. & Lazarova,M. 2011. The family roleperformance: Scale development andvalidation. Presented at 2011 IsraelOrganizational Behavior Conference, Tel Aviv,Israel. (Finalist for the best paper award)


Chen, Y.-P. & Hsu, Y. 2011. Career motivation anddevelopment of self-initiated expatriates: A self-determination perspective. Presented at 2011 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.


Chen, Y. -P. & Hsu, Y. 2011. Am I too emotional at work? Attachment styles, emotionregulation, and employee well-being. Presented at 2011 Academy of ManagementAnnual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.


Shaffer, M. A., Chen, Y. -P., Kraimer, M. L., & Bolino, M. C. 2011.Global employment experiences and careers:A review and future research agenda. Presented at 2011

Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Nagoya, Japan.


Ren, H., Chen, Y. -P., &Zhang, L. 2011. When you feel lonely at work: Socialloneliness, work strains, andperformance. Presented at 2011 Global Business and Social Science Research Conference, Beijing, China.


Chen,Y.-P., Shaffer, M. A., Joplin, J. R. W., Chan,S., & Posthuma, R. 2011. Eticdemands andemic resources: A cross-national study of nurses. Presented at 2011

Society for Industrial and Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, Chicago,



Shaffer, M. A., Chen, Y. -P., Bolino, M. C., & Kraimer, M. L. 2010. Global career success: A review and future research agenda. Presented at showcase symposium"Global Careers: Content, Choices, and Consequences"at 2010 Academy ofManagement Annual Meeting, Montréal, Canada.


Hsu, Y., & Chen, Y. -P. 2010. P-E Fit andprosocial behaviors across life domains: Aconservation of resources perspective. Presented at 2010 Academy of Management Annual Meeting,Montréal, Canada.


Chen, Y. -P. 2010. Green-eyed monster at work: An integrated model of workplace envy.

Presented at 2010 Society for Industrial and Occupational Psychology Annual

Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.


Chen,Y.-P. 2009. Understanding expatriate psychological withdrawal: The roles oforganizational justice and satisfaction. Presented at 2009 Society for Industrial and Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans,Louisiana.


Singh, B., & Chen, Y. -P. 2009. Expatriate pay satisfaction: Influence of adjustment, justiceand assignment value. Presented at 2009 Society for Industrial andOccupational Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans,Louisiana.


Chen,Y.-P., & Shaffer, M. 2009. Expatriate spouse adjustment: Coping strategies andthe moderating role of expatriate adjustment. Presented at 2009 Academy ofInternational Business Annual Conference, San Diego, California.


Hsu, Y., Chen, Y. -P., & Yip F. 2009. Comparative perspectives of HR and middlemanagers on their relationships and firm performance. Presented at 2009

Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.


Singh, B., & Chen,Y.-P. 2009. Determinants of expatriate pay satisfaction: A job-demands resources perspective. Presented at 2009 Academy of Management Annual Meeting,Chicago, Illinois.


Fu, C, K., & Chen, Y. -P. 2008.Expatriate adjustment and perceived P-E fit ofexpatriates. Presented at 2008 Academy of Management Annual Meeting,Anaheim, California.

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