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Dr. Yong Zeng, PhD

Professor/Associate Director and Co-Op Director, Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering
President of Society for Design and Process Science

Dr. Yong Zeng, PhD
Office: S-EV 7633  
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5801
Website(s): Concordia Design & Entrepreneurship Centre (CDEC)
Society for Design and Process Science

Dr. Yong Zeng is a Professor in the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering at Concordia University. He was an NSERC Chair in Aerospace Design Engineering program (2015 - 2019). He was the Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in design science (2004 - 2014). Prior to joining in Concordia in August 2003, he was a research associate in the Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute at the National Research Council of Canada for about two years after he received his Ph.D. from Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2001. He obtained another PhD degree in Computational Mechanics from Dalian University of Technology in 1992, where he also received his Master's degree in 1989. Between his two PhD studies, he was a faculty member in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at the Institute of Logistics Engineering, where he completed his B.Eng degree in Structural Engineering in 1986.

Zeng’s research aims to understand and improve creative design activities. He has proposed a new design theory called Environment-Based Design. Specific topics of his research include the science of design, methodology for innovative and creative design, neurocognitive model of design creativity, computer-aided conceptual design, and interplay between linguistics and design creativity. He has been developing formal and experimental approaches to design research. He has been an Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science since January 2012 (IOS), Associate Editor of International Journal of Product Development (September 2011 - 2016, Inderscience), and an editorial board member of Computers in Industry since October 2011 (Elsevier). He collaborates and consults with aerospace industry, medical device design companies, construction companies, recruitment industry, and municipality for the applications of his research results.


Ph.D. (2001) Design Engineering, University of Calgary, Canada
Ph.D. (1992) Computational Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, China

Research interests

Innovative and creative design: theory and methodology, cognitive experiments, and computational technologies


Lab Members

Current Members

Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Rachel Zhao (Physiologically based affective computing)

Research Associate/Assistants
Ph.D. Students
  • Xiaoying Wang (Organization capability modeling)
  • Basak Tozlu (Workflow optimization)
  • Rukiye Kirgil (ML in workflow modeling and management)
  • Chang Su (Quantification of mental stresses)
  • Hamed Jafarpour (Cohesive relations)
  • Ali Mohammadi (TRIZ and EBD)
  • Hamed Shirazi  (HCD and EBD)
  • Morteza Zangeneh Soroush (EEG)
  • Jinli Yao (AI and Neuroscience)
  • Rupinder Kaur (Supply chain design)

Master's Students
  • Wenhang Du (Smart cities)
  • Amin Bayatpour (Natural language processing)
  • Nakisa Torkamanrahmani (EEG analysis tool)
  • Derek Yang (Team creativity)
  • Tianyi Xu (Procrastination mechanism)
  • Tianhao Ning (NLP)
  • Jiami Yang (Behaviour design)
  • Christopher Neves (Computational neuroscience)


Cheligeer (Ph.D.)

Hongyi Cao (Ph.D.)
Jie Pan (Ph.D.)
Wenjun Jia (Ph.D.)
Ronaldo Gutierrez (Ph.D.)

Suo Tan (Ph.D.)
Thanh An Nguyen (Ph.D.)
Philon Nguyen (Ph.D.)
Du Chen (Visiting Ph.D.)
Fuqiong Zhao (Ph.D.)
Baiquan Yan (Ph.D.)
Ming Wang (Ph.D.)
Wei Liu (Visiting Ph.D.)
Yao, Shengji (Ph.D., PDF)

Yanxin Yao (MSc.)
Alexandra Miklin (MSc.)

Jamil Reza Chowdhury (MSc.)

Yuyang Shi (MSc.)
Chang Su (MSc.)
Mojtaba Niazalizadeh (MSc.)

Seyed Reza Razavi (MSc.)
Shixuan Hou (MSc.)
Amir-Aly Ommi (MSc.)
Shahryar Taher (Msc.)
Dalvir Singh (MSc.)
Mengli Shu (MSc.)
Yi Dou (MSc.)
Maomao Pan (MSc.)
Yijing Zeng (MSc.)
Xu Xu (MSc.)
Xinkai Xu (MSc.)
Nafisa Khundker (MSc.)
Mingbin Chen (MSc.)
Zhenyu Chen (MSc.)
Lan Kong (MSc.)
Bo Chen (MSc.)
Shuren Li (MSc.)
Min Wang (MSc.)
Shan Zhu (MSc.)
Jinxing Xiao (MSc.)
Guangqing He (MSc.)
Tiean Sun (MSc.)
Jie Jin (MSc.)
Lei Chen (MSc.)
Yubing Hu (MSc.)
Alex Gonzalez  (MSc.)
Thanh An Nguyen (MSc.)
Yao Tang (MSc.)
Shivangi Dande (MSc.)
Dayong Zhang (MSc.)
Di Feng (MSc.)
Shize Jin (MSc.)
Alecandr Moroz (MSc.)
Jialing Cheng
Rodica Pop (MSc.)
Xuan Sun (MSc.)
Jun Zhang (MSc.)
Harshad Petkar (MSc.)
Hamzeh K. Bani Milhim (MSc.)
Meina Ke (MSc.)

New Opportunities

Doctoral study

We are recruiting multiple PhD students to work on industrial and healthcare project, with the following background:

  • Strong background in Natural Language Processing or EEG data analysis;
  • Outstanding knowledge in machine learning, AI algorithms, formal language and logic, discrete mathematics, and graph theory;
  • Excellent ability to develop models and/or algorithms;
  • Experienced in Python programming or C#; and
  • Excellent technical/scientific writing ability.

Master's study

We are recruiting multiple Master's students to work on a health care project with the following background: 

  • Education in computer science or computational engineering;
  • Excellent programming abilities, preferably in Python; and 
  • Very good scientific writing ability.

Application conditions

Please note that we will not reply to e-mails for general inquiries regarding graduate studies. Serious candidates please send a critical review of at least 1 related article published by us, in addition to your resume and other materials you judge to be necessary, to the following contact:
Dr. Yong Zeng

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