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Dr. Xiaolei Wang

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering

Office: S-EV 2282 
Engineering, Computer Science and Visual Arts Integrated Complex,
1515 St. Catherine W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 3857


Ph.D. (2013) in Chemical Engineering 
          University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), U.S.A. 
          Supervisor: Prof. Yunfeng Lu
M.Sc. (2007) in Chemical Engineering 
          Tianjin University (TJU), China 
          Supervisor: Prof. Jinyu Han
B.Sc. (2004) in Polymer Chemical Engineering 
          Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China 
          Supervisor: Prof. Xigao Jian


Assistant Professor (2017-current) in Chemical and Materials Engineering
          Concordia University (CU), Canada

Postdoctoral Fellow
(2014-2017) in Chemical Engineering
          University of Waterloo (UW), Canada
          Supervisor: Prof. Zhongwei Chen
Research Associate (2013) in Materials Science
          University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), U.S.A. 
Prof. Yang Yang

Research activities


1. Postdoctoral Fellows
No opening. 

2. PhD Students
No opening.  

3. Master Students
No opening.    


1. Rational Design and Development of Nanoarchitectured Materials
(i) Nanostructured Metal, Transition Metal Oxides/Sulfides/Nitrides, Composite Materials
(ii) Porous Materials, Self Assembly
(iii) Nanostructured Semiconductors, Quantum Dots/Wires
(iv) Polymers and Polymer Composites; Carbon Materials

2. Clean Energy Technologies
(i) Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems: Lithium-ion Batteries, Supercapacitors, Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Sodium-ion Batteries, Multivalent Ion Batteries, Aqueous Battery Systems
(ii) Electrocatalysis: Metal-Air Batteries, Water Splitting, Fuel Cells
(iii) Photovoltaics/Photocatalysis/Electrochromics: Solar Cells, CO2 Reduction and Conversion

3. Fabrication of Devices
(i) Wearable Devices
(ii) All-Solid-State Devices
(iii) Smart Composites/Devices


PI: Principal Investigator
PA: Principal Applicant
CoA: Co-Applicant

(1) 2017/08-2020/04 Concordia University Start-Up Grant, PI
(2) 2018/06-2023/05 NSERC Discovery Grant, PI
(3) 2018/06-2021/05 NSERC Discovery Accelerator Supplement Grant, PI
(4) 2018/05-2019/04 Concordia ENCS Capital Research Innovation Fund, PA
(5) 2018/05-2019/04 Concordia Facility Optimization Program Grant, PI
(6) 2018/05-2019/04 
Concordia Team Start-Up Program Grant, PA  
(7) 2018/05-2019/04 
Petro-Canada Young Innovation Award, PI 
(8) 2018/10-2020/10 CQMF/QCAM Interinstitutional Collaboration Research Grant, PI 
(9) 2018/10-2020/10 
CQMF/QCAM Interinstitutional Collaboration Research Grant, CoA 
(10) 2019/05-2021/05 Horizon Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant, PA 
(11) 2019/04-2020/04 
Concordia Team Accelerator Program Grant, PA  
(12) 2019/04-2024/04 
Concordia University Research Chairs Program Grant, PI   



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1. QiangfengXiao, Mei Cai, Yunfeng Lu, Zheng Chen, Xiaolei Wang, Huihui Zhou, Voltage-Responsive Coating for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Patent No. WO2014182281.
2. ZhongweiChen, Fathy Hassan, XiaoleiWang, A Preparation Method of Negative Electrodes for Lithium Batteries, Patent No. PCT/CA2016/050108. 

Teaching activities


2017 Fall: ENGR 251-X: Thermodynamics I 
2018 Winter: ENGR 691-K: Chemical Kinetics & Reaction Engineering 
2018 Fall: ENGR 251-XThermodynamics I 

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