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Xia Li, PhD, EIT

Assistant Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering
Concordia University Reserach Chair in in High Energy Rechargeable Batteries

Xia Li, PhD, EIT


Research Interests

  • Safe and high energy all-solid-state batteries

  • Secondary Li-ion, Na-ion, Li-sulfur, and Na-sulfur batteries

  • Sustainable organic molecules based batteries

  • Synchrotron radiation techniques for energy materials

  • Atomic and molecular layer thin film deposition techniques 

Teaching activities

CHME 6101 Advanced Battery Materials and Technologies (4 credits)

Description: Topics include a review of the principles of batteries, fuel cells, and supercapacitors; electrodes and electrolytes; thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, transport phenomena, electrostatics and phase transformations of various energy storage materials, particularly lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and fuel cells; and experimental methods to study key parameters of energy storage materials, focusing on a materials science approach. A project is required.

Component(s): Lecture

CHME 6981 Chemical Engineering Research Protocols and Safety (4 credits)

Description: The purpose of this course is to provide the tools to conduct research in chemical engineering in a safe and professional manner. The course provides all the safety training necessary for chemical engineering research. Students are also trained in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for chemical engineering research, and on how to respond in the case of chemical accidents, including first aid. Additional topics are covered on a rotating basis and may include safety regulations in the chemical industry, automation of chemical experiments, chemical and material data collection and usage, chemometrics, chemical process simulation, molecular modelling tools, advanced research and publication strategies, proposal writing, etc. A seminar is held, where each student is required to present. A project is required.

Component(s): Seminar

Notes: This course is marked on a pass/fail basis.

CHME 6911 Topics in Chemical Engineering I- Clean Energy: Science and Technology (4 credits)

Description: This course aims at developing students’ knowledge of clean energy based on different energy storage and conversion systems. Students will be familiar with fundamentals, materials design, characterization and evaluation, and industrial applications of different energy storage and conversion systems. The course also brings together some of the world's most preeminent researchers in the clean energy field to share their knowledge and expertise. Several important energy storage and conversion systems will be introduced, such as electrochemistry, hydrogen, solar, etc. Projects and final reports are required.

Component(s): Lecture

Notes: This course is co-teaching with Dr. Karim Zaghib.





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