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Dr. Valérie De Courville Nicol, PhD

Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Valérie De Courville Nicol, PhD


PhD Sociology (Carleton University)

Research activities

1.  Sociological dimensions of emotional experience, particularly anxious experience

2. Mind/body/society interface

3. New orientations to everyday problems of living, health, and wellbeing

4. Popular emotional discourses and literatures, particularly self-focused

5. Morality, ethics, and the self in social life

6. Theory and method in socioemotional analysis

Teaching activities

Courses / Syllabi

Areas of undergraduate teaching:

1. Sociology of emotions

2. Sociology of fear and risk

3. Sociology of literature

4. Classical social theory

Areas of graduate teaching:

1. Self and subjectivity

2. Contemporary theory

4. PhD seminar

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