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Dr Stephen Ross

Associate Professor, English

Dr Stephen Ross
Jacob Ross

I am associate professor in the Department of English and since 2021 have been a co-editor of the peer-review journal Modernism/modernityAs a comparatist scholar of modern and contemporary literature, my current research itinerary divides into two broad areas: 1) modernist poetry/poetics and its contemporary legacies; 2) the “global” turn in modernist studies. My first monograph, Invisible Terrain: John Ashbery and the Aesthetics of Nature (OUP, 2017), examines the poetry of John Ashbery in relation to the avant-garde fantasy that nature can become art. I am also co-editor with Dr. Alys Moody of Global Modernists on Modernism (Bloomsbury, 2020), which won the Modernist Studies Association's 2021 book prize for Edition, Anthology, or Essay Collection. This 500-page anthology gathers programmatic statements by modernist artists that reflect on the theory and practice of modernism in its various global formations. With Ariel Resnikoff I am working toward the first complete translation and critical edition of Processions, the long-poem masterpiece of Yiddish American modernist Mikhl Likht (1893-1953).

My current research is coalescing into a book project on late modernist poetics and state power. Poets whom I've written about for this project, or plan to write about, include Nathaniel Mackey, Paul Celan, Osip Mandelstam, and Aimé Césaire. 
Here is a link to a talk I gave on Celan and Mandelstam at the "Untimely Imagination" conference in Zagreb, June 2023.

Here is a link to a recent peer-reviewed article on the poet CA Conrad: "Poetic Dianoia: Epistemic Injustice and CA Conrad's (Soma)tics"

I am available to supervise graduate work at the MA and PhD levels in the fields of poetry/poetics, modernism, and 20th/21st century literature and would be delighted to hear from you if you'd be interested in exploring this possibility.

Education and training
Ph.D. University of Oxford (2013)
M.St. University of Oxford (2009)
B.A. UNC Chapel Hill (2007)

Teaching activities

Concordia Teaching:

Fall 2023
ENGL 262 - British Literature 1660-1900
ENGL 603/801 - Poet's Prose

Fall 2022
LBCL 490 - Twentieth Century: Forms, Themes, Critiques

Summer 2022
ENGL 602 - Dante and Modern Literature

Winter 2022
ENGL 394 - Contemporary Critical Theory
ENGL 470 - New American Poetry (honours seminar)

Fall 2021
ENGL 604 - Global Modernist Poetics: Caribbean, Ashkenazi Jewish Diaspora, Arab World

Winter 2021
ENGL 262 - British Literature 1660-1900

Fall/Winter 2020-21
ENGL 340 - Modernism

Fall 2020
ENGL 628 - The New American Poetry (Graduate)

Winter 2020
ENGL 367 - American Poetry
ENGL 628 - Global Modernism (Graduate)

Fall 2019
ENGL 338 - Modern British Literature
ENGL 365 - American Literature, 1950 - present

Winter 2019
ENGL 394 - Contemporary Critical Theory
ENGL 470 - Afrofuturism

Fall 2018
ENGL 349 - Modern Poetry
ENGL 626 - Afrofuturism (graduate)

Winter 2018
ENGL 341 - Modern Fiction
ENGL 386 - Caribbean Literature

Fall 2017
ENGL 628 - Global Britain (graduate)

Winter 2017
ENGL 345 - Modern Drama
ENGL 340 - Modernism II (yearlong)
ENGL 394 - Contemporary Critical Theory

Fall 2016

ENGL 262 - British Literature 1660-1900
ENGL 246 - Science Fiction
ENGL 340 - Modernism I (yearlong)


Invisible Terrain: John Ashbery and the Aesthetics of Nature (OUP)


Global Modernists on Modernism (Bloomsbury)


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