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Dr Stephen Ross

Associate Professor, English

Dr Stephen Ross
Jacob Ross
Office: S-LB 668-05 
J.W. McConnell Building,
1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 4674
Website(s): Invisible Terrain (Oxford UP)
Global Modernists on Modernism: An Anthology (Bloomsbury)

As a comparatist scholar of modern and contemporary literature, my current research itinerary divides into two broad areas: 1) modernist poetry/poetics and its contemporary legacies; 2) the “global” turn in modernist studies. My first monograph, Invisible Terrain: John Ashbery and the Aesthetics of Nature (OUP, 2017), examines the poetry of John Ashbery in relation to the avant-garde fantasy that nature can become art. I am also co-editor with Dr. Alys Moody of Global Modernists on Modernism (Bloomsbury, 2019), a 210K-word anthology of programmatic statements by modernist artists that reflect on the theory and practice of modernism in its various global formations. With Ariel Resnikoff (University of Pennsylvania) I am working toward the first complete translation and critical edition of Processions, the long-poem masterpiece of Yiddish American modernist Mikhl Likht (1893-1953).

Education and training
Ph.D. University of Oxford (2013)
M.St. University of Oxford (2009)
B.A. UNC Chapel Hill (2007)

Teaching activities

Concordia Teaching:

Fall/Winter 2020-21
ENGL 340 - Modernism

Fall 2020
ENGL 628 - The New American Poetry (Graduate)

Winter 2020
ENGL 367 - American Poetry
ENGL 628 - Global Modernism (Graduate)

Fall 2019
ENGL 338 - Modern British Literature
ENGL 365 - American Literature, 1950 - present

Winter 2019
ENGL 394 - Contemporary Critical Theory
ENGL 470 - Afrofuturism

Fall 2018
ENGL 349 - Modern Poetry
ENGL 626 - Afrofuturism (graduate)

Winter 2018
ENGL 341 - Modern Fiction
ENGL 386 - Caribbean Literature

Fall 2017
ENGL 628 - Global Britain (graduate)

Winter 2017
ENGL 345 - Modern Drama
ENGL 340 - Modernism II (yearlong)
ENGL 394 - Contemporary Critical Theory

Fall 2016

ENGL 262 - British Literature 1660-1900
ENGL 246 - Science Fiction
ENGL 340 - Modernism I (yearlong)


Invisible Terrain: John Ashbery and the Aesthetics of Nature (OUP)


Global Modernists on Modernism (Bloomsbury)


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