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Silvano De la Llata, PhD

Associate Professor, Geography, Planning and Environment

Silvano De la Llata, PhD
Figure 1. Teaching at the Urban Planning Studio
Source: Silvano De la Llata


Silvano De la Llata is an urbanist and an educator. He is an assistant professor in urban planning and design in the department of Geography Planning & Environment at Concordia University. He received his PhD in City and Regional Planning from Cornell University (2014). He has taught design/planning studios and seminars on urban sociology, public space and history at Cornell University and universities of Tamaulipas and Anahuac (Mexico).
For the last 15 years, his research has focused on public space and the study of alternative uses, such as street vending, graffiti, public assembly and protest, as design/planning agents. His dissertation explores alternative planning processes in the context of protest encampments in horizontal social movements. He did research and participated in the
Indignados mobilizations in Barcelona, Occupy Wall Street and other social movements in 2011 and 2012.
Building on this experience, he directs the project Cities X Citizens, which focuses on the democratization of planning and urban design through participatory design methodologies and open-source systems. Bridging research, pedagogy and design practice, he developed urban design methodologies, open planning and planning-in-situ, to redesign interstitial spaces in Montreal through collaborative community engagement.

Additionally, he coordinates brainstorming/reading circles on critical theory and philosophy to develop strategies to democratize everyday life in the city.

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