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Sharlene He

Associate Professor, Marketing

Sharlene He
Office: S-MB 13.235  
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2713

Sharlene He is an Associate Professor of Marketing. Her research examines consumer judgment and decision processes through an information processing lens and is focused on providing insight into questions of theoretical and practical importance. She has developed conceptual frameworks that offer novel understanding of important consumer judgment processes, such as how consumers form judgments of willingness-to-pay, why consumers rely on algorithmic recommendations, and how the attraction effect occurs in choice. She also investigates the effects of psychological uncertainty and control in consumer judgment processes.

She has been awarded research grants by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and received the Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award as well as the Dean's Award for Distinguished Scholarship (Emerging Scholar). Her research is published in top marketing journals, including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Marketing.

Sharlene received her PhD in Marketing from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She also holds an MA in Economics from University of Toronto and a BCom from Queen's University.


He, Sharlene, Eric T. Anderson, and Derek D. Rucker (forthcoming), “Measuring Willingness to Pay: A Comparative Method of Valuation,” Journal of Marketing. Link

He, Sharlene and Brian Sternthal (2023), “Beyond Numbers: An Ambiguity-Accessibility-Applicability Framework to Explain the Attraction Effect,” Journal of Consumer Research. Link

Rocklage, Matt, Sharlene He, Derek D. Rucker, and Loran Nordgren (2023), “Beyond Sentiment: The Value and Measurement of Consumer Certainty in Language,” Journal of Marketing Research. Link

Calder, Bobby J., Sharlene He, and Brian Sternthal (2023), "Using Theoretical Frameworks in Behavioral Research," Journal of Business Research, Volume 161. Link

He, Sharlene and Derek D. Rucker (2022), "How Uncertainty Affects Information Search Among Consumers: A Curvilinear Perspective," Marketing Letters. Link

He, Sharlene and Eric T. Anderson (2021), “Conceptualizing and Measuring Pathways for How Object Attachment Affects Willingness to Pay (WTP),” Current Opinion in Psychology, Volume 39. Link

Rucker, Derek D. and Sharlene He (2018), “The Role of Attitudes in Advertising,” Handbook of Attitudes, Second Edition.

He, Sharlene and Derek D. Rucker (2018), “Mindsets,” The SAGE Encyclopedia of Lifespan Human Development.

Rucker, Derek D. and Sharlene He (2016), “Psychological Mindsets Affect Consumption: How Different Mindsets Help (Hurt) Portion Control,” Appetite, 103, 425-431.

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