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Dr. Rustam Vahidov, PhD

Professor, Supply Chain and Business Technology Management
RBC Professorship in Interorganizational Governance of Information Technology

Dr. Rustam Vahidov, PhD
Office: S-MB 12119  
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2974

With the Faculty since 2000, Dr. Vahidov received his PhD from Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA, USA (2000). He teaches various courses in Business Technology Management. His research focuses on Software Agent Negotiations, Decision Support Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Electronic Negotiations, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, and others.


PhD (Georgia State University)

Areas of expertise

  • Software agent negotiations
  • Agent-based systems
  • Decision support systems
  • E-commerce buyer support
  • Genetic algorithms
  • Electronic negotiations
  • Neural networks

Teaching activities



Intelligent Applications for Business

Concordia University

The course for graduate MIS students was proposed and developed by me.


Agent-Based Technologies

Concordia University

The course for graduate MIS students was proposed and developed by me.


System Development Methodology for E-Business

Concordia University


Computer Skills for Empirical Research

Georgia State University, Doctoral level



Undergraduate level


Introduction to Business Application development

Concordia University


Information Systems Design and Implementation

Concordia University


Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming for Business

Concordia University


Introduction to Business Computer Programming

Concordia University


Object-Oriented System Development

Concordia University


E-Business Implementation

Concordia University 


Software Application Development

Concordia University


Introduction into Management Information Systems

Concordia University


Fundamentals of Information Technology

Concordia University


Introduction into Decision Support Systems

Concordia University and Georgia State University,Undergraduate & Graduate levels


Introduction to Business Statistics

Concordia University


Generalized Modeling Techniques

Georgia State University


End-User Application Development

Georgia State University


Introduction into Computer-Based Information Systems

Georgia State University


Corporate Finance

Khazar university, Baku, Azerbaijan


Operating Systems

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy


Artificial Intelligence Systems

Azerbaijan State Oil Academy


Journal Papers

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Refereed Book Sections

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"ArtificialNeural Networks: Theory and Practice", Aliev R.A., Vahidov, R. & Aliev R.R.,         Tebriz University,Tebriz, Iran, 1993

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