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Ron Thiessen

Part-time Faculty, Applied Human Sciences

Ron Thiessen


Undergrad- Concordia University, Double Major: Applied Human Sciences and Psychology

Graduate Degree- McGill University, Counselling Psychology

Teaching in AHSC
Ron has taught Fieldwork, Power & Conflict Resolution, Intervention in Human Systems, Interpersonal Relationships & Communication, Working in Task Groups, Program Planning, & Family Communication

Teaching Philosophy
Experiential learning as the most effective means of obtaining a life-changing education for a real world environment is the broad foundation of Ron’s approach to teaching.  However, beyond that basic premise, the value of learning together provides the classroom dynamic that makes learning fun.  Ron believes in the value that each member of any group brings to the table, and his teaching style reflects the belief that we all learn from each other.  His goal in the classroom is that every student will find themselves engaged in the process and intrigued by the things they are learning about the subject at hand, about the others around them, and most of all, about themselves.  Cessation of learning leads to stagnation of life.
"If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes" - Andrew Carnegie

Professional work

Ron Thiessen is a psychologist, change evolutionist, speaker, professor and author who has more than 20 years’ experience in personal growth coaching and group facilitation. His insight into difficult problems makes solutions come alive as he helps people become the best that they can be. He challenges his students to stretch toward personal growth and wellbeing.

Training and developing leaders has been one of Ron’s passions for many years. He has conducted residential leadership seminars in various countries in Africa, working with the challenges of diverse situations and the complexities of cross-cultural relationships. His knowledge of human behavior has given him a unique approach in the university classes he teaches as he brings practical application to theoretical concepts. His passion moves people to step beyond their perceived limitations into new areas of change and mastery.

Ron has operated his own business most of his life, and has dealt with many of the challenges and frustrations of managing employees and managers. He has taken these experiences in the field as the fuel for his effective teaching strategies with hands-on, practical solutions for tough problems. He has coached managers and entrepreneurs across North America with seminars, training sessions, strategic planning and coaching by phone. His sensible solutions will galvanize you to take a fresh look at your situation and apply “out-of-the-box” thinking to effect positive change.

He is the author of “Reset Your Internal GPS: Five Powerful Principles to avoid getting lost on the road to change”, published in 2014.


Reset Your Internal GPS: 5 Powerful Principles to avoid getting lost on the road to change

Lost on the road or unsure of your future direction? Know you need to make a change, but don’t know where to start? Need a concrete lifeplan, but the “How” baffles you? Looking for the starting point of purpose? If you need answers to these and other questions about your mission in life, find your roadmap here. Clear and simple directions for anyone to follow. Powerful principles that anyone can apply. Realize your fullest personal potential. ResetYour Internal GPS to avoid getting lost on the road to change.

152 page book published in 2014

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