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Robert Kilgour, PhD

Professor, Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Robert Kilgour, PhD

Dr. Robert Kilgour is a Professor at Concordia University and Associate Director of the McGill Nutrition and Performance Laboratory (MNUPAL). Dr. Kilgour's research interests fall under a single broad category of supportive care and rehabilitation in cancer. The various lines of research that are currently being followed include: 1. Assessment and evaluation of the functional status in advanced cancer patients; 2. Identifying the predictive / prognostic indices that affect clinical outcomes in advanced cancer patients; 3. Assessment and evaluation of rehabilitation and supportive care programs for advanced cancer patients with cachexia, and 4. Cancer-related fatigue and its impact on the neuromuscular system.


FACSM (Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine)
Post-Doctoral Fellowship (McGill Faculty of Medicine, Meakins-Christie Laboratories)
Ph.D. (Florida State University)
MSc. (Dalhousie University)
BSc. (Concordia University)

Teaching activities

Graduate Student Supervision

Sabrina Cesare, MSc (candidate); enrolled in Sept 2013
Irina Uscatescu, MSc (candidate); enrolled in Sept 2013

Scott Adams, MSc (graduated June 2013)
Thesis title: The Impact of Chemotherapy on Autonomic Nervous System Function and Cardiovascular Reactivity in Young Adults with Cancer
Current position: PhD candidate, Behavioural Medicine Laboratory, University of Alberta

Eva Chadnova, MSc (graduated June 2013)
Thesis title: Challenging the limits of the motor system: Differential kinematic and electromyographic outcomes associated with age.
Current position: PhD candidate, Integrated Program in Neuroscience, McGill University

Anne Newman, MSc (graduated June 2013)
Thesis title: Comparison of the efficacy of three methods of treatment for women with breast cancer-related lymphedema: a pilot study
Current position: Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Adapted Exercise Clinic, Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors


Selected publications

Vigano A, Di Tomasso J, Kilgour RD, Trutschnigg B, Lucar E, Morais JA. The abridged Patient-Generated Subjective Global Assessment is a useful tool for early detection and characterization of cancer cachexia. J Acad Nutri Dietetics (accepted)

Kilgour RD, Vigano A, Trutschnigg B, Lucar E, Borod M, Morais JA. Handgrip strength predicts survival and is associated with markers of clinical and functional outcomes in advanced cancer patients. J Support Care Cancer 2013; 21: 3261-3270. doi:10.1007/s00520-013-1894-4

Newman AL, Rosenthall L, Towers A, Hodgson P, Shay C, Tidhar D, Vigano
A, Kilgour RD. Determining the precision of dual energy x-ray absorptiometry and bioelectric impedance spectroscopy in the assessment of breast cancer-related lymphedema. Lymphatic Res and Biol 2013; 11: 104-109. doi:10.1089/Irb.2012.0020

Trutschnigg B, Kilgour RD, Morais JA, Lucar E, Hornby L, Molla H, Vigano AAL. Metabolic, nutritional and inflammatory characteristics in elderly women with advanced cancer. J Geriatric Oncol 2013; 4: 183-189.

Scheede-Bergdahl C, Watt HL, Trutschnigg B, Kilgour RD, Lucar E, Haggarty A, Tremblay ML, Sanguineti M, Vigano A (2012). Is IL-6 the best pro-inflammatory biomarker of clinical outcomes of cancer cachexia? Clinical Nutrition 31: 85-8.

Kilgour RD, Vigano A, Trutschnigg B, Hornby L, Lucar E, Bacon SL, Morais JA (2010). Cancer- related fatigue: the impact of skeletal muscle mass and strength in patients with advanced cancer. J Cachexia Sarcopenia Muscle 1: 177-185.

Vigano, AAL., Piccioni, M., Trutschnigg, B., Hornby, L., Chaudhury, P., Kilgour, RD (2010) . Male hypogonadism associated with advanced cancer: A systematic review. Lancet Oncology; 11: 679-684.

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