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Dr. Olivier Charbonneau

Marketing and Management Librarian

As an associate librarian at Concordia University, Olivier Charbonneau is primarily interested in copyright issues as well as questions of open access and Web 2.0. He holds a doctoral degree from the Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal. He has been involved in thelibrary and cultural communities since the last millennia. He holds two masters degrees from Université de Montréal, one in information sciences and another in law, as well as an undergraduate degree in commerce from McGill University. He has kept a research blog since 2005 in French at

Research interests

Copyright and other legal issues (privacy, access to information, etc.) in information science
Fair dealings and exceptions to copyright
Open access
Web 2.0
Law and Economics / Analyse économique du droit
Law and Sociology / Sociologie du droit
Autopoiesis and Law

Selected publications and presentations

Olivier Charbonneau's publications are available in Spectrum as well as on his blog

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