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Norman Nawrocki

Part-time Faculty, School of Community and Public Affairs
À temps partiel, School of Community and Public Affairs

Norman Nawrocki


NORMAN NAWROCKI has been teaching in SCPA since 2005, in the Department of Theatre since 2018, and in the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications 'Culture in the Schools' provincial program since 2003. He has lectured and facilitated workshops about social issues and the arts at universities and colleges across Canada and in the USA since 1993. A multi-disciplinary performer since 1985, he has given thousands of shows of his own socially engaged theatre, music and poetry across North America, Europe and Hong Kong. He's also written seventeen books of poetry, short stories, novellas and a novel, a few dozen theatre musicals and solo cabarets, and released over 70 albums of music. He is co-artistic director of the Montreal International Anarchist Theatre Festival. A community organizer in Vancouver and Montreal since the 1970s, his research focus is how grassroots movements for social justice can incorporate the arts in their work.


Select Publications

VANCOUVERED OUT, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2024, 130 pages, novella

ISABELLE WALKS WITH ANGELS, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2023, 84 pages, novella/art

RED SQUARED MONTREAL, Black Rose Books, Montreal/New York/London, 2023, 207 pages, fictional chronicle

CAZZAROLA! L’ANARCHIA, I ROM, L’AMORE, L’ITALIA, Editrice Il Sirente, Rome, 2018,  300 pages, novel           

POSSIBLES, Musique et arts pour résister à la déshumanisation, Universitié de Montréal, 2018, 245 pages, one essay

THE LEGEND OF THE RAT KING, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2016, 72 pages, short fiction

AGITATE!Anarchist rants, raps, poems, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2015, 80 pages, poems

NO GODS! NOMASTERS!, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2015, 76 pages, poems

SUBVERSIONS, Vol 3, Anarchist Writers Bloc, Montreal, 2014,208 pages, short story

DEJEUNER POUR ANARCHISTES, Sabotart, Montréal, 2014, 104 pages, poems

CAZZAROLA! Anarchy, Romani, Love, Italy, PM Press, Oakland, 2013, 328 pages, novel

RED: QUEBEC STUDENT STRIKE & SOCIAL REVOLT POEMS, LesPages Noires, Montreal, 2013, 104 pages, poems

NIGHTCAP FOR NIHILISTS, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2012, 80 pages, poems

SUBVERSIONS Vol 2, Anarchist Writers Bloc, Montreal, 2012, 260 pages,      short story

ARENA THREE, Anarchists in Music, PM Press, Oakland, 2012,150 pages, essay

ORGANIZE!, PM Press, Oakland, 2012, 250 pages, essay

AFFIRMING COLLABORATION, Community and Activist Art inQuebec & Elsewhere, Engrenage Noir/Levier, Montreal, 2011, 750 pages, Foreward        

SUBVERSIONS, Anarchist Writers Bloc, Montreal, 2011, 120pages, short story

DINNER FOR DISSIDENTS, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2009, 80pages, poems

LUNCH FOR INSURGENTS, Les Pages Noires, Montreal, 2009, 80pages, poems

L'ANARCHICOE IL DIAVOLO, Editrice il Sirente Società Cooperativa, Rome, 2007,300 pages, short stories/journal

UN ECORCHEVIF COMME TANT D’AUTRES, Sabotart Edition, Montreal, 2007,

98 pages, Preface

BREAKFAST FOR ANARCHISTS, Editions No Bar Code, Montréal,2007, 80 pages, poems

L’ANARCHISTEET LE DIABLE, Lux Editeurs, Montréal, 2006, 300 pag es, short stories/journal

REBEL MUSICS, anthology, Black Rose Books, 2003, 255 pages,one essay

THE ANARCHIST & THE DEVIL do Cabaret, Black Rose Books,Montréal/New York/London,2002, 207 pages, short stories/journal     

RESIST! anthology, Fernwood Publishing, Halifax, 2001, 191 pages, short story

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