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Dr. Nooshin Movahed, PhD

Facility Manager and Microscopy Specialist, Centre for NanoScience Research
Research officer, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Nooshin Movahed, PhD
Office: L-HU 412  
Applied Science Hub,
7141 Sherbrooke W.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2672


  • PDF: McGill University- Canada
  • PhD: Bologna University- Italy

Research Activities

Dr. Nooshin Movahed is our facility manager. She has experience in designing, conducting, and leading multidisciplinary research projects that link chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, electron microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy, and correlative microscopy.

As a microscopy specialist, she is acquainted with various imaging techniques such as Transmission Electron Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Scanning Probe Microscopy (Atomic Force Microscopy), Correlative Microscopy, Super Resolution Microscopy, Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy, Focused Ion Beam-Extreme High-Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy, Optical Light Microscopy, Immunogold labeling, and 3D Imaging.


Dr. Nooshin Movahed is the CeNSR facility manager and electron-microscopy specialist. She provides training, research support, and regular maintenance for the instrumentation of the Centre for NanoScience Research.

She also coordinates access to the instruments for external and internal users.

Sample services are provided with or without data analysis for some of our instruments.

For all information regarding instrumentation, availability, training, and sample service please contact the facility manager.



Award of Technical Knowledge: “Premio Di Porosity”

The Research Centre of Viticulture and Oenology (CRIVE) – Italy



Award of Research Excellence: “Brains-In Grant”

Institute of Advanced Studies of Bologna University- Italy



Award of “Young Planning Professionals




Selected Recent Publications


Lunapark is a novel E3 ligase that mediates degradation of RHD3 to maintain a tubular ER network in Arabidopsis

J. Sun, N. Movahed, H. Zheng

“Journal of Plant Cell”



“Turnip Mosaic Virus components are released within extracellular vesicles in infected leaves”

N. Movahed, D. G. Cabanillas, H. Vali, J.F. Laliberte, H. Zheng

“J. Plant Physiology, Vol. 180(1)”




A host Er fusogen is recruited by Turnip Mosaic Virus for maturation of viral replication vesicles

N. Movahed, J. Sun, H. Vali, J.F. Laliberte, H. Zheng

“J. Plant Physiology, Vol. 179(2): 507-518”   




“Turnip Mosaic Virus uses the SNARE protein Vti11 in an unconventional route for replication vesicle trafficking”

D. G. CabanillasJ. JiangN. MovahedH. GermainY. YamajiH. ZhengJ. F. Laliberte

J. Plant Cell, Vol. 30(10): 2594-2615”




“Cylindrical Inclusion protein of Turnip Mosaic Virus serves as a docking point for the intercellular movement of viral replication vesicles”

N. Movahed, C. Patarroyo, J. Sun, H. Vali, J.F. Laliberte, H. Zheng

J. Plant Physiology, Vol.175(4): 1732-1744”



Whole plant temperature manipulation affects flavonoid metabolism and the transcriptome of grapevine berries”

C. Pastore, S. Dal Santo, S. Zenoni, N. Movahed, G. Allegro, G. Valentini, I. Filippetti, G. B. Tornielli 

J. Frontiers in Plant Science, Vol. 8, Article: 929”




“The grapevine VviPrx31 Peroxidase as a candidate gene involved in anthocyanin degradation in ripening berries under high temperature”

N. Movahed, C. Pastore, A. Cellini, G. Allegro, G. Valentini, S. Zenoni, E. Cavallini, E. D’incà, G. B. Tornielli, I. Filippetti

J. Plant Research - Springer, Vol. 129(3): 513-26”




“Effects of post-veraison source limitation on the accumulation of sugar, anthocyanins and seed tannins in vitis vinifera cv. sangiovese berries”

I. Filippetti, N. Movahed, G. Allegro, G. Valentini, C. Pastore, E. Colucci, C. Intrieri

Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Vol. 21: 90–100”



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