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Dr. Ming Li, PhD

Professor, Economics
CIREQ research fellow
CIRANO research fellow

Dr. Ming Li, PhD


PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Fields of specialization

microeconomics; game theory; information economics; political economics

Research interests

strategic information transmission; persuasion; game theoretical models of elections and political processes

Professional experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Concordia University (July 2004-June 2009).


"Persuasion with costly precision,"

joint with Arianna Degan, 2021, 72(3): 869-908, Economic Theory.

"Ambiguous persuasion,"

joint with Dorian Beauchêne and Jian Li, January 2019, 179, 312-365, Journal of Economic Theory

"Persuasion of a privately informed receiver,"

joint with Anton KolotilinTymofiy Mylovanov, and Andriy Zapechelnyuk, November 2017, 85(6), 1949-1964, Econometrica.

“Psychologically-Based Voting with Uncertainty,”

with Arianna Degan, forthcoming, European Journal of Political Economy–Special Issue on Behavioural Political EconomyVolume 40, Part B, December 2015, 242–259.

“Reputation-concerned policy makers and institutional status quo bias,”

with Qiang Fu, 2014, 110, 15-25, Journal of Public Economics.

“Advice from Multiple Experts: A Comparison of Simultaneous, Sequential, and Hierarchical Communication,”

2010, 10 (1), 22 pages, The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Topics), Article 18.

“A Psychologically-Based Model of Voter Turnout,”

with Dipjyoti Majumdar, 2010, Journal of Public Economic Theory, 12(5), pages 979-1002, October.

“When Mandatory Disclosure Hurts: Expert Advice and Conflicting Interests,”

with Kristof Madarasz, 2008, 139(1), 47-74, Journal of Economic Theory.

Teaching activities


Topics in microeconomics--communication, persuasion, and political economics

ECON 613

Microeconomics II

ECON 425/525

Mathematics for economists

ECON 461/561

Industrial organization

Participation activities

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