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Michelle Lake, BA, MLIS

Government Publications Librarian, Concordia University Library
Political Science, School of Community & Public Affairs and First Peoples Studies Subject Librarian, Concordia University Library

Michelle Lake, BA, MLIS


Certificate in Indigenous Knowledges & Experiences, Toronto Metropolitan University: 2022

Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS), University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario: 2007

Honours B.A. in English Literature, with a minor in History, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario: 2004

Research interests

Canadian Government Information
Government Deposit Systems
Library partnerships and shared collections
Transition of print to electronic resources
Collection development
Indigenous library services
Indigenous studies collections


Campbell, G., Lake, M. & McGoveran, C. (2023). Investigating the Persistence of Federal Government Publications in Academic Former Full Depository Libraries in Canada. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 18(1), 24-60.    

Campbell, G., Lake, M., & McGoveran, C. (2019). After Microlog. Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research,14(2).

Campbell, G., Lake, M., & McGoveran,C. (2019). Government publication deposit programs: The Canadian federal, provincial and territorial landscapes. In A. Wakaruk, & S. Li (Eds.), Government information in Canada: Access and stewardship (pp.3-46). Edmonton, AB: University of Alberta Press.

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Partnership: The Canadian Journal of Library and Information Practice and Research, 9(2).

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Carson, P., Lake, M., & Hall, K. (2014, January 13). Opinion: Clearing up misconceptions about librarians. The Montreal Gazette.

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ABQLA Bulletin. Co-editor with Rosarie Coughlan, ABQLA, Montreal, Quebec, April 2012-May 2014.

Presentations and posters

Campbell, G., Hall, K., & Lake, M. (2023, Dec 12). Government Information Citations in Canadian Public Policy and Public Administration Scholarly Literature. Presentation at 2023 Government Information Day(s), Online. 

Campbell, G., Fantin, L., Lake, M., Mills, A., & Marks,S. (2022, Dec 13). What will it take? Scoping a national solution to ensurelong-term, open, sustainable access to government publications. Presentation at 2022 Government Information Day(s), Online.

Lake, M., Campbell, G., & McGoveran, C. (2021, April 27). Disappearing Deposits: Investigating the Retention of Canadian Federal Government Depository Publications at CARL Libraries. Presentation at Concordia University Library's 19th Annual Research Forum, Online.

Campbell, G., Lake, M., & McGoveran, C. (2020, December 17). Analyzing the Persistence of Federal Government Publications in Former Depository Libraries. Presentation at 2020 Government Information Day, Online. 

Lake, M., Campbell, G., & McGoveran, C. (2019, November 28). Post-Depository: Project Update. Presentation at 2019 Government Information Day East, Toronto, Ontario.

McGoveran, C., Campbell, G., & Lake, M. (2018, November 30). Post-depository:Investigating the Persistence of Federal Government Publications in Former Depository Libraries. Presentation at 2018 Government Information Day, Toronto, Ontario.

Lake, M. (2018, July 16). Fundamentals of the First Nations Principles of OCAP: data & research standards in First Nations for the librarian. Presentation at the Concordia Library Professional Development Series, Montreal, Quebec.

Lake, M., Campbell,G., & McGoveran, C. (2017. February 3). Why can’t I find this online? Investigating persistent access to print and digital Government information. Presentation at the 2017 OLA Super Conference, Toronto, Ontario. 

Campbell, G., McGoveran, C., & Lake, M. (2015, December 7). Documenting Print Depositories. Presentation at 2015 Government Information Day,Waterloo, Ontario.

Lake, M. (2015, June 18). CARL/CRL Leviathan North: Long-term Access to Government Information in the Digital Age Report. Presentation at Concordia Library All Librarian’s Meeting, Montreal, Quebec.

Wakaruk, A., McGoveran, C., & Lake, M. (2015, June 4). Here today, where tomorrow? Monitoring and making sense of Government of Canada web content changes in a post-depository environmentPresentation at the 2015 CLA Conference & Trade Show, Ottawa, Ontario.

Lake, M., & Colosimo, A. (2014 December 17). Research planning: Towards developing a personal research agenda. Presentation at the McGill Libraries’ Professional Issues Committee (PIC) of MAUT-LS Workshop Series,Montreal, Quebec.

Lake, M. (2014, April 14). Core Journals in Canadian Aboriginal Studies: Academic Library PerspectivesPresentation at the Librarians’ Research Forum, Montreal, Quebec.

Breier, S., & Lake, M. (2013, February 5) DLI/Statistics Canada Power Hour. Presentation at the Librarians PowerHour Series, Concordia Library, Montreal, Quebec.

Carson, P., & Lake, M. (2012, September 27). Inaugural CARL LRI: Librarians Research Institute. Presentation at the Concordia Librarians Forum Brown Bag Lunch Series, Montreal,Quebec.

Johal, R., & Lake, M. (2011, February 11). Research using LinkedIn Presentation at the Conference, Montreal, Quebec.

Lake, M., & Carter, N. (2009, May 26). The Structure of Instructing: How new librarians are supported in the planning and delivery of information literacy in academic libraries. Presentation at WILU, Montreal, Quebec.

Lake, M. & Millard, D. (2009, January 29). Does the reference desk need librarians?  Perspectives from McMaster University Libraries. Presentation at the OLA SuperConference, Toronto, Ontario.

Poster facilitations

Lake, M., & Huhn, K. (2014, January). Core  Journals in Canadian Aboriginal Studies: Academic Library Perspectives. Poster presentation at 2014 OLA SuperConference, Toronto, Ontario.

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