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Digital Scholarship Librarian, Concordia University Library


Michael Groenendyk studies open data and data citation metrics. His current research involves tracking data references with large language models. 

He has published articles in journals such as Library Hi Tech
The Journal of Academic Librarianship, and the Journal of Map & Geography Libraries.


MLIS (Dalhousie University)

Areas of Expertise

  • Market, product, and consumer research
  • Retrieval augmented generation strategies
  • Vector databases with semantic search

Selected Publications

Groenendyk, M., & Neugebauer, T. (2024). Supporting Information Visualization Research in an Academic Library: Lessons Learned from an Analysis of the Literature. Information Technology and Libraries43(1).

Greene, D., & Groenendyk, M. (2019). An environmental scan of virtual and augmented reality services in academic libraries. Library Hi Tech. doi:10.1108/LHT-08-2019-0166

Groenendyk, M. (2016). Cataloging the 3D web: the availability of educational 3D models on the internet. Library Hi Tech. doi:10.1108/LHT-09-2015-0088

Groenendyk, M. (2013). Emerging data visualization technologies for map and geography libraries: 3-D printing, holographic imaging, 3-D city models, and 3-D model-based animations. Journal of Map & Geography Libraries9(3), 220-238. doi:10.1080/15420353.2013.821436

Groenendyk, M., & Gallant, R. (2013). 3D printing and scanning at the Dalhousie University Libraries: a pilot project. Library Hi Tech. doi:10.1108/07378831311303912

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