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Michael Carney, PhD

Professor, Management
Senior Concordia University Research Chair, Management

Office: S-MB 13349 
John Molson Building,
1450 Guy
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2937

Michael Carney has published extensively on the corporate and organizational strategies of Asia’s family-owned business groups and on the development of the global institutional environment of international aviation. His research focuses on entrepreneurship and the comparative analysis of business, financial and governance systems and their influence upon the development of firm capabilities and national competitiveness.

He has published in Journals such as the Academy of Management Journal, Asia Pacific Business Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Family Business Review, Journal of Management Studies, Management and Organization Review, Organization Studies, and Strategic Management Journal.


PhD (University of Bradford)

Areas of expertise

  • Business Groups
  • Family Business
  • Firm and National Competitiveness


Published papers


(Carney,M. & Nason, R.) “Family Business and the 1%” Business & Society, (2016)


(Carney, M., Dieleman, M., & Taussig, M.) “How are institutionalcapabilities transferred across borders?” Journalof World Business Published online 2015,


(Ghorbani, M. & Carney, M.) “TheChanging Face of China’s Billionaire-Entrepreneurs” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, (Published online June2016: DOI 10.1007/s10490-016-9472-1)


(Carney, M & Jaskiewicz, P.) “Six Books That Have Shaped theLandscape of Family Firm Scholarship” Academyof Management Learning and Education 14:3: 423-428 (2015)


(Van Essen, M. Strike, V. Carney, M. & Sapp, S.) “The Resilient Family Firm:Stakeholder Outcomes and Institutional Effects” Corporate Governance: An International Review 23(3): 167–183 (2015)


(Carney, M. VanEssen, M. Gedajlovic, E. & Huegens, P.) “What Do We Know About the PrivateFamily Firm? A Meta-Analytic Review EntrepreneurshipTheory & Practice, 39:3:513-544 (2015)


(Van Essen, M. Carney, M. Gedajlovic, E& Huegens, P.) “How Does Family Control InfluenceFirm Strategy and Performance? A Meta-Analysis of U.S. Publicly-Listed Firms”.Corporate Governance: An InternationalReview, 23(1): 3–24(2015)


(Carney, M. Gedajlovic, E, & Strike, V.)“Dead Money: Law and the Longevity of Family Firms” Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Vol. 38(6) 1261-1283(2014)

(Van Essen, M. Engelen, PJ. & Carney, M.), “Does ‘Good’Corporate Governance Help in a  Crisis? TheImpact of Country- And Firm-Level Governance Mechanisms in the European FinancialCrisis” Corporate Governance: AnInternational Review,21(3): 201–224 (2013)

(Su, E. & Carney, M.)  “Can China's Family Firms Create IntellectualCapital?” Asia Pacific Journal ofManagement 30 (3) 657–675 (2013)


(Gedajlovic, E. Carney, M. Chrisman, J. &Kellermanns, FW.) The Adolescence of Family Firm Research: Taking Stock andPlanning for the Future. Journalof Management, 38(4): 1010-1037 (2012)


(Carney, M.Gedajlovic, E. Huegens, P. Van Essen, M. & Van Oosterhout, J.) “Business Group Affiliation, Performance, Context,and Strategy: A Meta-Analysis” Academyof Management Journal 54 (3) 437-460 (2011)

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