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Melissa K. Passarelli, Ph.D.

Melissa K. Passarelli, Ph.D.
Melissa K. Passarelli
Photo by David Ward


The Pennsylvania State University (Ph.D.)
Union College (B.Sc.)

Teaching activities

CHEM 212

Analytical Chemistry for Biologist (Winter)

CHEM 498-610

Imaging Mass Spectrometry (Summer)

CHEM 271


Research activities

Mass Spectrometry-based Intracellular Drug Measurements (FRQNT)

We are developing a multi-modal analytical approach that combined live-cell atomic force microscopy(AFM) and single-cell mass spectrometry (MS) to evaluate intracellular drug levels.
With this multi-modal approach, we will investigate the cellular uptake of pharmaceutical compounds and examine the biochemical effects at therapeutic and toxic levels.

Multi-modal workflow
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