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Mebs Kanji, PhD

Associate Professor, Political Science

Mebs Kanji, PhD

Dr. Mebs Kanji's SSHRC and FQRSC funded research examines value diversity between different value communities in Canada and across other advanced industrial states. His current focus of analysis centres on investigating the relationship between value diversity, social cohesion and political support.  Some of his most recent findings reveal an expanding generational value divide that may have significant implications for the welfare state and democratic governance.  Another set of findings demonstrate a link between value diversity across different Canadian communities and variations in support for electoral reform.  And preliminary results from a broader cross-national project suggest that value diversity between different EU member states may have important implications for support for further European integration. In addition, Dr. Kanji is also currently working on projects that examine: the nuances of secularization in advanced industrialized states, attitudes toward access to health care services and possible reforms, and environmental concern and action.

Research interests

Democratic Governance and Value Diversity.

Teaching activities

POLI 204     Introduction to Canadian Politics

POLI 393     Empirical Research Methods

POLI 644     Research Methods

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