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Dr. Marta Kersten-Oertel, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Director, Undergraduate Program (BCompSc in Health and Life Sciences), Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr. Marta Kersten-Oertel, Ph.D.
Marta Kersten-Oertel
Office: S-ER 923  
ER Building,
2155 Guy St.
Phone: (514) 848-2424 ext. 5830
Website(s): AP Lab

Research activities

My research involves developing and testing visualization, display and interaction methods in the context of image-guided surgery. I’m particularly interested in how we can improve the spatial and depth understanding of volume rendered medical data and studying the impact of augmented reality visualization for particular surgical tasks.


  • Medical image visualization
  • 3D perception
  • Surgical tools&
  • Image-guided surgery
  • Human-computer interaction


**For up-to-date publication list please visit my Google Scholar page**

Selected Journal Papers 

S Drouin, A Kochanowska, M Kersten-Oertel, IJ Gerard, R Zelmann, D De Nigris, S Bériault, T Arbel, D Sirhan, AF Sadikot, JA Hall, DS Sinclair, K Petrecca, RF DelMaestro, DL Collins DL. '"IBIS: an OR ready open-source platform for image-guided neurosurgery''. IJCARS (in press)

IJ Gerard, M Kersten-Oertel, K Petrecca, D Sirhan, JA Hall, DL Collins. "Brain Shift in Neuronavigation of brain tumours: A Review" Medical Image Analysis, 2016 (in press).

M Kersten-Oertel, IJ Gerard, S Drouin, K Mok, D Sirhan, DS Sinclair, DL Collins. "Augmented reality in neurovascular surgery: feasibility and first uses in the operating room". IJCARS (2015): 1–14.

M Kersten-Oertel, SJS Chen, DL Collins. "An Evaluation of Depth Enhancing Perceptual Cues for Vascular Volume Visualization in Neurosurgery"IEEE TVCG 20(3):391–403, March 2014.

M Kersten-Oertel, P Jannin, DL Collins, ”The state of the art of visualization in mixed reality image guided surgery”CMIG, 37(2):98–112, March 2013.

M Kersten-Oertel, P Jannin, DL Collins. ”DVV: A Taxonomy for Mixed Reality Visualization in Image Guided Surgery”IEEE TVCG, 18(2):332–352, Feb. 2012.

W Michalowski, M Kersten, S Wilk, and R Slowinksi, “Designing man-machine interactions for mobile clinical systems: MET triage support using palm handhelds.” European Journal of Operational Research, 177(3):1409–1417, March 2007.

Sz Wilk, W Michalowski, K Farion, and M Kersten, “Interaction Design for Mobile Clinical Decision Support Systems: the MET System Solutions.”Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 32(1):47–62, 2007.

M Kersten, J Stewart, N Troje, and R Ellis, “Enhancing Depth Perception in Translucent Volumes”IEEE TVCG, 12(6):1117–1123, September/October, 2006.

Selected Conference Proceedings 

M Kersten-Oertel, IJ Gerard, S Drouin, K Petrecca, JA Hall, DL Collins. Towards Augmented Reality Guided Craniotomy Planning in Tumour Resections. Proceedings of Medical Imaging and Augmented Reality (MIAR), Bern, Switzerland, LNCS 9805 (in press).

IJ Gerard, M Kersten-Oertel, S Drouin, JA Hall, K Petrecca, D De Nigris, T Arbel and DL Collins. “Improving Patient Specific Neurosurgical Models with Intraoperative Ultrasound and Augmented Reality Visualizations in a Neuronavigation Environment,” in 4th Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures: Translational Research in Medical Imaging, LNCS 9401, pp. 1–8.*** Best Paper

M Kersten-Oertel, IJ Gerard, S Drouin, K Mok, D Sirhan, D Sinclair, DL Collins. “Augmented Reality for Specific Neurovascular Tasks”. Proceedings of Augmented Reality Environments for Medical Imaging and Computer-Assisted Interventions, LNCS 9365 2015 (in press).

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