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Dr. Mark Corwin, DMA

Professor, Music

Dr. Mark Corwin, DMA

Dr. Mark Corwin teaches electroacoustics and advanced recording courses at the Concordia University Department of Music. After receiving his DMA in Composition from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he moved to Montreal to pursue his love of teaching and learning electroacoustics at Concordia's Music Department.  He has been the Chair of the Department from 1995-2003, and again from 2016-2022, and continues as the Coordinator of Electroacoustic Studies.

Dr. Corwin has engineered, edited and produced over 50 commercial CD recordings including four Greek, two English and 1 French language children's books.

As an artistic collaborator, his recording productions span the gamut of the music industry from folk, pop, ethnic, contemporary, musical theatre, spoken word, and orchestral.

Recording Productions - CD releases

- "Missa Campanula” – Les Discques URSH. Music, Karen Young; choir,voces boreales; (Montreal, 2015). 
- "Time for Flowers, Time for Snow” (French version) – Chroma Musika/Panarmonia AtelierMusical. Music, Giannis Georgantelis; lyrics, Glen Huser; Orchestre symphoniquepop de Montréal; narrator, Terry Jones (Monty Python); Illustrations byPhilippe Béha; published by Tradewind Books (Vancouver, 2015).   
- "The Golden Touch” – Chroma Musika/Panarmonia Atelier Musical. Music, GiannisGeorgantelis; lyrics, Glen Huser; Orchestre symphonique pop de Montréal; narrator,Terry Jones (Monty Python); Illustrations by Philippe Béha; published by TradewindBooks (Vancouver, 2015).
- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Yaron Ross, piano” K.475 K.457 K.533, 2012 Espace Émergence
- Amadeus Amadeus Mozart – Yaron Ross, piano” K. 280, K. 283 &K. 330, 2012 Espace Émergence
- "songs fromsilence” – Chœur Maha (CMCD002)    

Participation activities

Juno Awards Juror

- 2007 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Composition of the year
- 2006 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Vocal recording
- 2000 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Composition
- 1998 Juno Awards Jury, Best Classical Recording

Teaching activities

Course offerings

EAMT 205, 305:  Electroacoustic Music I and II                                 
EAMT 406, 407:  Electroacoustic Composition I and II
EAMT 350, 451, 452: Sound Recording and Reinforcement I, II and III
EAMT 203: Introduction to Digital Audio Editing
EAMT 204: Introduction to the Electroacoustic Studio

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